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Dear Alcoholics: You Don’t Have to Live Like That. New Book Delivers Tips, Laughs and Hope


How to Get Through Hell on Earth Without Drinking a Keg or Kicking a Garden Gnome


New book is an inspiring must-read for anyone who is either suffering from alcoholism or knows someone who is.


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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Cape Coral, Florida Feb 17, 2023 ( – If you’re going through hell, get the latest book by award-winning author Ryn Gargulinski. Entitled “How to Get Through Hell on Earth Without Drinking a Keg or Kicking a Garden Gnome,” the book is already receiving favorable reviews – and lots of laughter.

Book Review by Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

It’s a long title but Ryn Gargulinski’s “How to Get Through Hell on Earth Without Drinking a Keg or Kicking a Garden Gnome” wastes no time in getting straight to the point of how she gets her life back from being a keg hugger to an award-winning writer, artist, and speaker. It’s a story of recovery from alcoholism filled with sardonic humor.

Her life story is structured in four simple parts. She begins with her downfall like a rebel angel thrown out of heaven as she wakes up tied to a hospital bed. The death of hope has made her cross the line into full-blown alcoholism. From withdrawals to Alcoholics Anonymous to find a spiritual connection and falling in love, and strategies for recovery, this is a story that’s a testament to alcoholics that it is all up to you if you are determined to take your life back.

Ryn Gargulinski has done a lot of stupid things during her alcohol addiction that has become an integral angle in delivering her personal experience with humor and reality that bites. This is what makes “How to Get Through Hell on Earth” humorous, informative, and wildly entertaining.

Many people who suffer from alcoholism surrender everything good to alcohol but Gargulinski didn’t give up her capacity for wit. Considering that laughter is therapeutic, this is a good thing. While alcohol made her numb, it didn’t soothe her pain entirely. She found humor as an instrument for her recovery to remove the pain.

Don’t get her wrong; there’s nothing funny about battling alcoholism but the severity of the things she has done she treats with humor. She dares to be silly, period. This is an inspiring must-read for anyone who is either suffering from alcoholism or knows someone who is.

Book Synopsis 

Ryn Gargulinski (aka Rynski) went from a scruffy drunken rebel without a house on the streets of New York City to an award-winning writer, artist, and speaker thriving in Florida (who is only scruffy every other Thursday).

This book tells you how it happened, complete with handy tips along the way. Come along for the ride, and you’ll discover:

  • How to get out of kissing a scrawny squatter without making him mad
  • What happens when you drink an entire bottle of gin in 52 seconds
  • Why it’s dangerous to date people who keep crossbows under their bed
  • Tips for attaining, maintaining, and falling in love with a life in recovery
  • How to create a personalized spiritual connection that gives you everything you need to thrive…and more!

This journey of recovery and self-discovery comes with real-life lessons and strategies for making magic in your own life.

Written in Ryn’s brutally honest, no-nonsense style, get ready to laugh, learn and perhaps pick up a lesson or two about transforming even the greatest hell into something that helps you grow and soar.

About the Author 

I write quirky books. Create semi-creepy art. Spend way too much money on dog toys and crystals. Laugh so loud it makes people turn and stare. And I’ve never been happier in my life.

I didn’t get drunk, get stalked, get homeless, and then get sober and spiritual just to sit on my butt and play the Scrabble app (although I do that on weekends).

I’m here to help other people fall in love with and rejoice in who they really are. To break out of their self-made cocoons. To discover and live in their purpose.

This life is mine and I’m claiming it. How long before you claim yours, too?

More info, classes, books, workshops, and inspiration at:

Awardwinning writer and speaker Ryn Gargulinski

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Rynski Life Ryndustries LLC.

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