Fresh Start Mediation Announces its Expansion across Canada


With divorce mediation services, divorce filing, divorce coaching, parental plans, and financial division, FreshStart Mediation is offering Canadians an easier and more cost-effective way to settle their divorce.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Calgary, Alberta Mar 8, 2023 ( – Fresh Start Mediation is pleased to announce its expansion across Canada, with new offices opening in Victoria, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.  Fresh Start Mediation offers divorce mediation, filing, coaching, parental plans, and financial division services. They are also offering opportunities for other divorce mediators to join the organization. Don Schapira is the principal contact for Fresh Start Mediation.

Fresh Start Mediation is a Canadian-wide divorce mediation service.  Fresh Start Mediation is proud to offer a revolutionary approach to divorce mediation that focuses on compassion and is tailored to the individual needs of each client. They offer the following services:

Divorce Mediation

Fresh Start Mediation’s divorce mediation services provide an alternative to court-based divorce proceedings. Through their innovative approach to divorce mediation, Fresh Start Mediation helps couples reach a mutually beneficial agreement on issues such as division of assets, custody and visitation rights, alimony, and more.

Divorce Filing

Fresh Start Mediation also offers divorce filing services. By utilizing their experienced divorce filing specialists, Fresh Start Mediation’s clients can trust that their divorce filing is completed properly and accurately.

Divorce Coaching

In addition to divorce mediation and divorce filing services, Fresh Start Mediation offers divorce coaching. Through their divorce coaching services, clients can expect to receive support and guidance throughout the divorce process.

Parental Plans and Financial Division

Fresh Start Mediation’s team of professionals is also specially trained in assisting clients with the creation of parental plans and financial division agreements. Clients can rest assured that Fresh Start Mediation will work hard to ensure that their agreements are fair and just.

Opportunities for Other Divorce Mediators

Fresh Start Mediation is also proud to offer other divorce mediators the opportunity to join their team. With their innovative approach to divorce mediation, Fresh Start Mediation is looking for experienced professionals who share their vision for compassionate and tailored divorce mediation services.


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