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MBT Marketing Solutions – Associates Launches Free Trucking Consulting Mentorship Program


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Raleigh, North Carolina Mar 20, 2023 ( – MBT Marketing Solutions & Associates is a “Full-Service” web company and digital marketing agency located in Raleigh, North Carolina, with comprehensive solutions for startups and existing businesses in all industries and sectors, especially trucking, transportation, and logistics, to help them succeed. The company has launched a free trucking coaching mentorship program to teach the ins and outs of freight transportation and trucking to industry newcomers and professionals and help them successfully establish their businesses from start to finish.

In this program, you will:

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 Get mentorship and consultation from Marilyn Bryant Tucker on a weekly basis for 8-12 weeks.

  Get professional help from industry experts to ensure the success of your business.

Get Access to Cost-Per-Mile Calculator to know your business expenses. They will take the time to see how much you need to make per mile to meet your business expenses and household bills.

Hundreds of companies go into business daily, and hundreds more go out simultaneously. Success in the transportation industry is challenging, as you need a logistics expert to guide you throughout the process. You can count on MBT Marketing Solutions & Associates to get steadfast, expert support to build and grow your business successfully. Whether you want to start dispatching, freight brokerage, or become an owner-operator, this trucking & logistics platform can save you a lot of time you would spend making corrections if you handle everything on your own.

This free trucking mentorship program is specially designed to help owner-operators set up their business from start to finish. So, if you’re planning to start a trucking business, their free trucking mentorship program is the place where you can get a free consultation and hands-on mentorship. Besides focusing on your business’s success and flourishment, this program helps you meet DOT and FMCSA requirements to stay 100% compliant.

“We understand that starting and growing a trucking business can be overwhelming, especially for entrepreneurs who are just starting out,” said Marilyn Bryant Tucker (Owner of MBT Marketing Solutions & Associates). “That’s why we’ve created a one-stop-shop by partnering with trucking industry experts to meet the trucking needs of new and already established trucking businesses. From determining the structure of the trucking business to getting the first load to haul, we’ve got everything covered so entrepreneurs can direct their focus entirely on growing their business.”

The trucking business is expanding very fast throughout the country. At present, the economic volume of the trucking industry is around $800 Billion, which is significantly higher than other industries. Therefore, starting your trucking business can surely open the doors of success for you. MBT Marketing Solutions & Associates is committed to providing you with the resources and support you need to kickstart your journey in the trucking industry.

Starting your trucking business can be tricky, especially when you’re a beginner in the transportation industry. MBT Marketing Solutions & Associates provides a wide range of top-notch, reliable trucking business services for trucking startups (dispatching, freight brokerage, or trucking companies) and already-established trucking businesses nationwide:

 Business Entity Formation

MBT Marketing Solutions & Associates help you choose the right option that best suits your business needs.

 Operating authority

Operating authority, also called trucking authority, is a legal license issued by the government that allows you to run your business operations without any legal complication. MBT Marketing Solutions & Associates help you get your motor carrier authority and USDOT number to legally approve your trucking business.

 BOC-3, UCR Permits, HAZMAT

MBT Marketing Solutions & Associates partners with experienced trucking industry experts to help you with BOC-3, UCR Permits, and HAZMAT licenses.

 Commercial Trucking Insurance

Commercial trucking insurance is a legal requirement to carry out your business operations in all states of the USA. MBT Marketing Solutions & Associates partners with some of the country’s most trusted trucking insurance providers to offer you incredibly lower insurance rates. 

 Fuel cards

Rising fuel prices were one of the top industry concerns in 2022. Truckers are looking for different ways to reduce their fuel expenses. Fortunately, fuel cards can help you save more on fuel expenses and manage fuel expenditures more efficiently. MBT Marketing Solutions & Associates partners with the country’s most trusted fuel card providers to offer you discounts of up to $0.20 off a gallon at 2000 gas stations nationwide. Fuel cards also offer you discounts on major truck stops.

Freight factoring

Factoring plays a vital role in maintaining a steady cash flow in your trucking business. MBT Marketing Solution & Associates partner with the most trusted, reliable freight factoring companies in the country to provide factoring services at discounted rates so you can focus on the growth of your business without any financial worries.

Drug Testing Programs

Their drug testing programs allow you to comply with regulations regarding the use of alcohol and illicit drugs at the workplace.

 Accounting & Tax Prepping

They partner with ADP® (A small business HR & payroll solution) to provide you with reliable accounting, tax prepping, payroll & HR management, and end-to-end bookkeeping services at incredibly lower rates and help you ensure 100% compliance with the IRS and the department of labor. ADP® also manages your Simple IRA/401K to offer you competitive advantages. 


They partner with experts who offer trucking, brokerage, and dispatching training through regular classes.

 DAT Load Board 30-Day free trial

DAT load board helps you find loads to haul to run your business profitably. DAT offers you a 30-day trial on all plans of the DAT Load Board.


DAT EXPRESS Sign up here:

DAT POWER Sign up here:

Website Design

MBT Marketing Solutions & Associates specializes in trucking websites. They will design a captivating trucking website for your business with top-notch copywriting, next-level graphic and logo designing, and result-oriented SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Click to get a well-designed, readily accessible website for your business to ensure its solid online presence.

Besides these major trucking & logistics business services, they also offerTruck Financing, Business Line of Credit, IFTA Filing, Trucking Business Plan, Trucker Recruiter Service, New Entrant Safety Audit, Clearinghouse Enrollment, Driver’s Qualification Files, and Much More!

Knowledge is the cornerstone of your trucking business. If you’re ready to learn more about the process of starting a trucking business or growing your current business, enroll in MBT Marketing Solutions & Associates’ free trucking mentorship program today! Their mentoring program is equally beneficial for already established trucking businesses that want more growth and profit.   To learn more about the Free Trucking Consulting Mentorship Program for Trucking Startups and Existing Businesses, apply for your authority, or get help with anything trucking-related, visit the website at

About the Owner

Marilyn Bryant Tucker is a professional Marketing Consultant and Licensed Insurance Agent having 15+ years of experience in the field. She has an MBA, EGCBA, and Doctoral Studies in marketing. Marilyn has provided business consulting services at the North Carolina Community College Small Business Center. She retired from Wake County Government in 2019 after 29.5 years of credible service.


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