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Don’t Miss Out On the Flat 10% Discount and Promote SoundCloud Track with The Music Promotion Club


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The Music Promotion Club is a globally leading and reliable website that artists and music marketers use to promote SoundCloud. Now users can get a flat 10% discount.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Oregon City, Oregon Mar 22, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – SoundCloud is one of the biggest online music streaming platforms that can help artists gain popularity and reach a wider audience base. Music Promotion Club is a professional agency that does promotions for artists on SoundCloud and gives them the reach that is needed to shine in the industry. Any artist, who has big dreams and talent can use the company’s services to promote SoundCloud and get increased audience interaction and digital fame. The website is now offering a flat 10% discount on all of its promotional packages so the artists can take this opportunity to save some extra! The sale is starting from 22nd March and will go on till 30th March.

The website is working in the industry for quite some time now, and over the years it has gained relevant and important knowledge that came with professional experience. The company has helped several big names in the industry and now it is helping aspiring artists who want to establish themselves in the competitive international music industry. With the help of these promotional tactics, provided by the Music Promotion Club any artist can achieve the dream of becoming a big name and having a strong fan base on SoundCloud. Now that the sale is coming up, the users will see a flat 10% discount, ad it will be easier for the artists to choose the appropriate package according to their needs.

One of the reasons why the Music Promotion Club has built a positive reputation in the market is because of the reliable services they offer at such an affordable price range. For struggling artists, it is not always possible to have a big marketing and promotional budget which is why, Music Promotion Club’s services come in handy. Now the users will have another advantage of getting a flat 10% discount on all promotional packages on the website, starting from 22nd march till 30th march.

There are a total of four packages on the website and starting with the ‘Soundcloud Marketing Starter Pack‘ offers daily 2 hours of content marketing on social media. Using this package will give the users around 13k to 14k plays along with more than 130 likes, more than 70 reposts, and an increased amount of followers. The second package is called ‘Soundcloud Promotion Package‘ which offers daily 4 hours of content sharing on social media. With this package, the listener count will go over 31-32k. The follower count will change dramatically and the artists will receive more than 260 likes and 130 reposts. The third one, ‘Soundcloud Marketing Weekly Pack‘ offers 2 hours of social sharing of content daily along with increased listener and follower count. Suing this package means the listener count will be around 15k-16k with more than 200 likes and 90 reposts. The last package is called ‘Soundcloud Promotion Weekly Package‘ which offers daily 4 hours of content sharing on social media. Using this package will give users an increased listener count of more than 36k – 37k with more than 300 likes and 260+ reposts. These packages will repost the music to more than 350000 SoundCloud followers which will instantly increase the reach of the artists and their music.

Besides the four packages that are available on the website, artists can also make their own customizable promotional package, that too will have a flat 10% discount, starting from 22nd till 30th March. So take advantage of the discount now and see growth in your career!

About The Company:

The Music Promotion Club is a globally known and trusted promotional company that can be sued to promote SoundCloud tracks at an affordable price range. Know more at: https://musicpromotion.club/.

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