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Pro Spotify Marketers Can Offer You the Best Spotify Promotion Services For your Tracks


According to professionals starting your career on Spotify will offer you a seamless platform to grow rapidly. Highly effective music promotional companies like The Tunes Club can offer you the foothold that has been missing from your music career by far. Their legit and highly effective works will allow your music to travel overseas and reach your target audience. If you are willing to understand more about this highly functioning music marketer then you are at the correct place. Their marketing packages are available in 4 different package schemes. And each scheme offers something extra for your music releases. The packages are mostly divided based on the number of songs you wish to promote.

Spotify Promotion

Suppose the artist is willing to promote one track from their music catalog then they will need to choose “Spotify Marketing Package”. This is a 1-week long promotional work that costs $39, and this package is best to promote your singles. Choose the song you wish to promote and receive the benefits within a week. In just one week you will see your track is getting placed on over 60 Spotify-curated playlists. And this is just the start of your Spotify Promotion services. A minimum of 3000 to 3500 listeners will vouch for your number. On social media, you will get to see there is a huge difference. You will get almost 1000K social media followers.

To promote two tracks at the same time, you should try out the “Spotify Promotion Pack”, this is an extremely effective track that will allow you to understand the basic requirement of Spotify promotional works. Your tracks will be placed on 90+ curated Spotify playlists as a result around 7000 to 7500 listeners will start listening to your tracks. This package offers you to opt for paid press release services, which means you will have a press release regarding your tracks and it will be published on various music-related sites. Reaching your target audience for just $69 will feel amazing. By the end of one week, you will get a comprehensive report regarding your releases.

Next on their list is “Spotify Marketing Pro Pack”, the cost for this package is $105. And you can promote 3 of your tracks with this package. Your songs will be placed on over 120 playlists to maximize the results. And in this package, you will get a PR distribution, and a music blog publication to offer you the exposure you deserve. Reaching your target audience will be extremely easy with this package. You will notice 10,000-11,000 listeners with complete engagement on your tracks. This is a great option for your EP and albums, the organic outcome from this package will give a lot of online engagement for your tracks.

Yet the best option for your album releases will be the “Spotify Promotion Pro Pack”. This package allows you to promote 4 tracks from your music album or catalog. And each of these selected tracks will be placed in over 120 Spotify playlists for maximum engagement. And with their organic playlist promotion services, you will witness 14,000-15,000 listeners in your tracks. The cost of this package is $169. And they offer an elevated option for your content marketing as well. Along with a PR, a music blog, and an artist review as well. This is a great way to reach more people in the most organic way. You can make the payment by using Stripe payment options or PayPal.

About the Company

The Tunes Club has been one of the high-regarded Spotify music marketers. Their services have gained many aspiring artists their place in this intimidating industry. They offer to provide eclectic marketing options from reflective to catchy; they can make the wheel run within a week. Visit https://www.thetunesclub.com/.


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