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The Skillful Artist and Queensland Dj Christian Krauter Impresses His Fans With Brand-New Releases


The musically gifted Queensland dj Christian Krauter is back with bangers! The two newly released tracks, both of them are currently streaming on SoundCloud.

Christian Krauter

Fans of electronic music can rejoice as the incredibly talented Christian Krauter is here with two different brand-new songs. The tracks with their explosively colorful compositions are currently on their way to becoming the most streamed singles in the artist’s discography. With his previous works, the Queensland dj has proved himself to become very competent and capable of making people dance to his music. Now with these brand new singles, the artist is proving to become the master often genre, elevating the scene to a whole new level. The artist is very good at making his audience come right down to the dance floor and these two new singles, with friends in the park and I Need You are the ideal examples of it.

The artist has never shied away from experimenting with his craft, playing in different genres, and trying out different styles of music which makes him one of the greatest talents of the current music industry. However, for these two tracks, Christian Krauter has stayed true to his roots as both songs carry the authentic essence of electronic music. The track, ‘with friends in the park’ opens with a rather dark theme by Savant “Darkness is Coming Original Mix” that transcends between electronic genres like nu-disco, future house, etc. as it starts its gradual build-up. On the other hand, the track ‘I Need You’ completely and explicitly references a loud and banging composition with electro-charged bass surrounded by pulsing synthesizers.

Music has always been a passion and a priority for the Queensland dj. Without any proper training in music and with just sheer determination and hard work, he proved himself by becoming one of the most streamed artists on SoundCloud. Listen to his previous records like ‘El Gringos Whistle’, ‘This Is The Last Fight’, ‘That’s How I Do It’, etc. on SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. Follow the artist on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and his website.

Let’s listen to Christian Krauter’s tracks only on SoundCloud: 



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