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The Gifted New Jersey Dancehall Artist Maga Hundred Has Released a Brand New Single ‘SHOES’


Feel the essence of Dancehall music and groove along the vibrant beats in ‘SHOES’, the latest single from the New Jersey Dancehall Artist Maga Hundred.

Maga Hundred

If you are a fan of music that makes you want to dance and takes you to the dancefloor then Maga Hundred is that one artist that will never leave your playlist. Especially with the latest release of the artist, he has proved himself to be one of the most competent artists of this genre. Increasing his reach and fan base with every release, the single SHOESdid not only impress the singer’s audience but also fetched him critical acclaim from all over the world. In his previous records he has shown his skills and ability to deliver full-length enjoyable tracks but this time, he has surely leveled up his game.

Hailing from Spanish Town, St. Catherine Jamaica, the New Jersey Dancehall Artist immigrated to the US at just the age of 10 years old and started living in a community that was heavily influenced by Jamaican culture. Besides many downgrades and bad influences, moving to this neighborhood helped the singer find passion and a positive outlook on music. His passion for Dancehall music grew from there and through hard work, he has now become one of the most capable artists in the industry.

‘SHOES’ has everything that you would want in a dancehall musical creation. It has got a dynamic composition breathing upbeat musicality and well-versed lyrics that are creative and expressive. The most impressive feature of the song has to be the passionate and entertaining vocals, elevating the track to the next level. You can listen to his previous releases, ‘NEW SPACE SHIP’, ‘WITHOUT YOU (raw)’, ‘BODY LIKE A DOLLY’, ‘FOCUS’, ‘UP AGAIN (raw)’, etc. available on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Drop a follow on his Instagram for more details!

‘SHOES’ Has Been Dropped by the Artist Maga Hundred:



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