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Bringing the Authentic Music of R&B the Recertified Teenager Releases New Track ‘The Groove’


The incredibly talented Recertified Teenager releases a new musical single ‘The Groove’ that carries dynamic beats, soothing yet smashing music, and great vocals.


For music listeners whose souls are longing for amazing R&B and Soul singles, the Recertified Teenager releases new musical creations to make them rejoice. The newly released single is titled ‘The Groove’ and carries the authentic essence of the musical genres and is currently out on SoundCloud. The timeless single is becoming one of the most favorite of his listeners due to its upbeat musicality and dynamic composition. The song has the potential to become the artist’s one of the most streamed tracks on his discography. The liveliness that the track brings is something that makes the artist different from his peers in the industry. The enthusiastic artist has composed the track in such a way that it is appealing to listeners of all generations and age groups.

‘The Groove’ carries a vibe of timeless youth, where its lyrics and composition takes the listeners on a grooving journey. The composition of the track is easily one of the best works of the artist yet and can put his name more prominently on the international music scene. With dynamic beats and peachy tunes, the song is aiming for attaining immense popularity. The artist, Recertified Teenager has given his career-best performance in this track, both vocally and lyrically. The artist’s caliber of expressing his feelings and attention through well-versed lyrics is something that makes his discography one of the most enriched ones.

The artist’s vocals that showcase the motions of the moment so clearly pair well with the lyrics and elevate the composition to the next level. His talent and caliber of creating such enjoyable tracks is what makes him unrivaled in the industry and keeps him separated from his fellow musicians. He has previously impressed listeners with tracks like ‘Why Do The Wicked Prosper’, ‘When The Going Gets Tough’, ‘10.000 Excuses’, ‘I Hear Your Call’, ‘Good Old Days’, etc. his entire discography with his latest single is currently available on SoundCloud and YouTube.

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