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SoundCloud Music Promotion

Every music artist is entitled to reach their target audience, based on their genre and location music artists can reach their target audience. And to reach this amount of distribution you will need the services of the Music Promotion Club. They are known to offer organic promotions that can bring endless online engagement along with limitless exposure. From music artists to lyricists, everyone can promote their SoundCloud releases with them. They are one of the pioneers in this domain, fulfilling the dreams of artists for over a decade now. From the vast distribution of the song they also create a buzz by using proper ways to intrigue social media. They also vouch for content marketing as one of their varied ways to uplift your music to the world.

Based on your convenience they have created four SoundCloud music promotion packages, based on which you can boost your popularity. The names of their packages are ‘SoundCloud Marketing Starter Pack’, ‘SoundCloud Promotion Package’, ‘SoundCloud Marketing Weekly Pack’, and ‘SoundCloud Promotion Weekly Package’. The prices for these packages range between $51 and $94. And the weekly packages allow you to keep the buzz continue to longer to get better results. The details of these packages will deliver daily 2 to 4 hours of social media distribution. And this will trigger a buzzing effect on your music. With them, you can get more audience, depending on the packages you can get from 13K – 14K+ plays to 36K – 37K+ plays on your selected song.

Their content marketing options offer keyword-incorporated press release distribution. This ensures better popularity of your song along with better online visibility. Along with that, you can also get music blogs and music reviews written and distributed to major media outlets. They also have a segment where you can publish your interviews and share your story with the world. They also provide a custom banner to promote your music, and you can use this banner separately for your songs as well. If you have any events coming up you can also promote your event through their distribution. A dedicated campaign manager will be assigned to handle your campaign and for any queries, you can reach out to that person. Their distribution sites have popular music blog sites, Google news sites, Facebook Groups, Twitter, interest Groups, Medium, Facebook Music Groups, and many other sites with great aspects.

To get their service you first need to visit their website and see which package your pocket will allow and according to that you can choose. First, select the package then you need to choose a payment process. There are two payment processes, either you can use PayPal or you can also use stripe payment options which are using your debit or credit card. Provide your email ID along with your SoundCloud link and complete the process. Once you have bought one of their packages within 24 hours their representative will contact you to discuss promotional aspects. You need to provide the minor information they ask for and your promotional campaign will start and will continue for 5 days straight to give you the best results. For recurring package users the campaign will continue as long as you would prefer.

About the Company:
Music Promotion Club is known for its extremely eclectic promotional aspects, from its thorough reach to its wide range of distribution, if you are willing to attain the best they are the best option to start from. They also enable you to have a custom-made package. Visit them at to know more.


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