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Natasha Jane Julian Paints a Romantically Poignant Picture With the Latest Single ‘Pink Roses’


California Pop Singer Natasha Jane Julian offers a blend of romance, poignancy, and nostalgia through the latest musical representation, named ‘Pink Roses’.

Natasha Jane Julian

Versatile music artist Natasha Jane Julian offers a melancholic punch through music with the latest creation ‘Pink Roses’. This song reflects Julian’s skills, consistency, and passion for her craft which leave no room for error. Churning out the melodic essence of pop music, the musical arrangement in the track is masterfully designed to offer a dreamy soundscape. With the soft grooves of electronic pop and a mind-blowing piano introduction; the song is capable of taking listeners on a different dimension. Julian’s magical vocals have put on an additional layer of creativity in the song which makes it even more enjoyable for everyone.

The subject matter of ‘Pink Roses’ offers the poignant side of love where people think of their past which they cannot go back to. The song also depicts the picture of a soured relationship that is damaged by the thirst for power. However, the mere sight of pink roses revives those emotions. The tracks show how simple things can remind one of that romance, a tumultuous emotional roller coaster. As a result, the song is highly relatable and anyone can feel it deep inside. She is a true emotion-driven storyteller and that reflects through her musical works as well. She is setting a benchmark on the music scene while gaining global attention from pop lovers.

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, this California Pop Singer is currently at the prime of her musical career and it reflects through her musical proficiency. Previously, she has dropped many other songs that make her even more powerful in the music scene like ‘I’ll Be Your Goddess’, ‘Just Breathe’, ‘I Love U Paris’, and the list goes on. She also dropped a 5 track EP in 2018 named ‘Happily Ever After’. Follow Natasha Jane Julian on SoundCloud, Apple Music, Website, and YouTube to know more. She can be also found on Instagram, and Twitter.

Just go for this track ‘Pink Roses’ by Natasha Jane Julian:



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