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Music Promotion Club’s affordable and efficacious services allow artists and musicians to promote SoundCloud tracks and get maximum organic reach in return.

promote SoundCloud tracks

Marketing and advertising are the only ways to make anyone aware of anyone’s existence and the same goes for the music industry as well. With the internet being a household thing, online music streaming platforms like SoundCloud are excellent sources that can be used to promote an artist. This is exactly what Music Promotion Club gets done for its clients and helps them reach the maximum number of audiences overseas. Music Promotion Club is a promotional company that offers marketing and advertising campaigns to musicians so that they can take advantage of SoundCloud’s massive platform.

SoundCloud is one of the largest online music streaming platforms on the internet with around 175 million active monthly users. This presents an incredible opportunity for artists, especially aspiring ones to tap into a huge audience pool without making a lot of effort. However, this is not without any cons as the same benefits make SoundCloud one of the most competitive platforms as well. This is where the Music Promotion Club comes in with its most effective services that any artist can avail to promote SoundCloud tracks without going any extra mile. The company has been around in the industry for several years and has helped numerous artists, musicians, lyricists, and many others to rise above competition and create their own strong identities.

The Music Promotion Club offers four packages to its clients that help them with organic and authentic promotional services. The company and its adept team members have crafted the promotional packages in such a way that they include both content and social media marketing. This means at the same time when the company will be working on increasing the artist’s reach on the music streaming platform, it will solidify the artist’s social media presence as well. The first package is titled ‘Soundcloud Marketing Starter Pack’ which offers the clients daily 2 hours of manual content sharing on social media platforms resulting in at least 13K – 14K+ plays, 130+ likes with 70+ reposts, and followers for musical tracks. This package also comes with 1 paid press release with distribution to 3 to 4 sites and 1 music blog published on popular blog sites.

The second package is titled ‘Soundcloud Promotion Package’ and comes with daily 4 hours of content sharing that will give artists at least 31K – 32K+ listeners, 260+ likes with 130+ reposts and followers on the platform. This package also includes 1 paid press release with 1 music blog or music review that will easily get the music into Google News. The package will offer video creation, email marketing, and the latest event promotion. The third package on the website of Music Promotion Club is called ‘Soundcloud Marketing Weekly Pack’ which includes daily 2 hours of content sharing, giving the clients at least 15K – 16K+ listeners, 200+ likes with 90+ reposts, and followers along with plays in different tracks.

Lastly, the fourth package, ‘Soundcloud Promotion Weekly Package’ comes with daily 4 hours of content marketing on social media. This package gives artists at least 36K – 37K+ listeners, 300+ likes with 260+ reposts, and followers along with different tracks. The benefits of this package also include 1 paid press release, 1 music blog, 1 music review, and a feature in Google News, along with video creation, email marketing, and the latest event promotion. All four packages come with free custom banners and a dedicated campaign manager for 24*7.

One of the perks of working with the Music Promotion Club is that all four packages are available at a very reasonable price that will not be too hefty on the pockets of aspiring musicians, looking for opportunities to shine. This can very well be that opportunity for you so start the journey today and grow with the Music Promotion Club.

About the company:

Music Promotion Club is one of the most known names in the industry that promotes client music to SoundCloud, getting them increased organic streams and followers. Know more at: https://musicpromotion.club/.


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