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Time to Hit the Dance Floor with Maga Hundred’s Latest Dancehall Drill Track ‘SHOES’


Let’s join a high-octane musical journey with New Jersey Dancehall Artist Maga Hundred along with his brand new banger ‘SHOES’, a banger for all global listeners.

Maga Hundred

Some music artists are able to create a new creative wave with their musical compositions and Maga Hundred is one of the top of them. This talented artist has come up with a brand new banger called ‘SHOES’ that offers an energetic musical experience for all kinds of music lovers. A potential dose of self-motivation is present in the track which makes it even more engaging and inspiring for everyone. With a clock time of 2 minutes and 14 seconds; the banger might not appear too long but its impact stays for a long time even after the track ends. Truly, Maga has done an amazing job in churning out the new age energy that reflects through his unwavering personality.

Hailing from Paterson, New Jersey, this versatile music artist has dropped many other bangers that show his confidence, consistency, and dedication to his craft such as ‘NEW SPACE SHIP’, ‘WITHOUT YOU (raw)’, ‘ BODY LIKE DOLLY’, ‘FOCUS’, etc to name some. Being a well revered New Jersey Dancehall Artist, Maga knows exactly how to channelize energy among his fans and listeners and the latest track ‘SHOES’ is one of the prime examples of that. The banger offers a swanky representation of a rapper’s life along with a boast of shoes and assets. It is not required to say that the Louis V shoes added more value to the subject matter.

Born In Jamaica and brought up in the USA, Maga has been exposed to a multicultural base and numerous music genres. Absorbing all, he created his own groove of dancehall music that shines bright at the top. Though he went through a bad environment and influences, he also made it to the top with nothing but sheer will, individuality, and determination. Those who are looking forward to knowing more about Maga Hundred, follow him on SoundCloud, Apple Music, YouTube, and Spotify. He is also available on Instagram. 

Visit to hear this song ‘SHOES’ by Maga Hundred:



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