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Maga Hundred, The New Jersey Dancehall Artist Treats Fans With The Jaw-Dropping Track ‘Shoes’


Fasten your seatbelt to experience the groundbreaking rap track ‘SHOES’ by Maga Hundred, the New Jersey Dancehall Artist. Fans are going wild.

Maga Hundred
Maga Hundred

Offering you classic hip-hop flavors and authentic instrumentation united with uplifting energy and purpose. The powerhouse of talent Maga Hundred, creator of brilliant rap SHOES was born in the Spanish Town of St. Catherine Jamaica initially, but when he was at the age of ten he moved to the United States and started living there since then. His undeniable passion and dedication to music have turned him into a proficient one in this field. The profound talent has already collaborated with artists like Bobby Konders of Massive B sound, Less pree music, hyper world, from Hot97, and a few others. In addition to that he is now working on two music projects such as ‘WITHOUT YOU’ and ‘UP AGAIN’ which have left the fans excited.

However, the New Jersey Dancehall Artist has managed to stand out tall in the crowd of emerging artists across the globe for his versatile performances back to back and his individuality in the genre, gripping the audience from the very beginning. Undoubtedly, the prolific artist has added a refreshing charm to the traditional hip-hop music industry which seems to impress the listeners, masters his time on the microphone with a fast-paced and relentless performance. The instantly engaging rap track ‘SHOES’ offers a smooth blend of striking wordplay and uplifting tunes which creates an energetic ambiance for the audience to escape from the real world for a while.

Featuring that faultless vocal rasp and flawless rhythm that sets the vibe high and brings real energy to any party, managed to capture the beautiful backdrop of the natural world. The addictive soundtracks of the path-breaking creator have carved out their popularity for being unique and versatile in their own way. The versatile performer Maga Hundred has been treating his fans with magnificent rock music over the years including ‘AMAGA HUNDRED-BODY LIKE A DOLLY’, ‘MAGA HUNDRED-FOCUS’, and ‘Nah Give Up’. All of the infectious tracks are available on Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube. Follow him on Instagram for all the latest updates.

Just go for this track ‘SHOES’ by Maga Hundred: 



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