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Expand your fan base and promote your SoundCloud with Music Promotion Club’s services


If you are a musician looking for recognition and increased visibility in the industry, then promote your SoundCloud with the Music Promotion Club’s affordable plans.

promote your SoundCloud

Being one of the oldest and most popular entertainment industries in the world, the international music industry is a very competitive space. Now the additional entries of streaming services have made it easier for artists to reach their listeners and build a strong, international fan base. However, due to so many talents coming forward every minute, it is hard to get recognized which calls for advertising and marketing. Music Promotion Club is a globally renowned promotional company that helps artists get recognized in the industry and increase their streams on SoundCloud. The company has been working in the industry for quite a long and has helped countless artists, musicians, producers, lyricists and so many more get attention and acknowledgment in the esteemed music industry.

The SoundCloud promotional campaigns of the company include effective strategies that the clients can use in a very affordable price range, which is probably one of the reasons behind the Music Promotion Club’s success. If you are an aspiring artist who is new to the industry and looking for a promotional strategy that will strengthen your stance in the international market, then use the affordable packages from the website to Promote Your SoundCloud and witness unimaginable growth within a short period. Even if you have already spent some time in the industry and looking for further growth and chances to connect to more audiences from every corner of the world, Music Promotion Club can be your biggest companion in the journey. People with not such a big budget can also avail of the services from the website as the packages are designed to meet the target in an affordable price range, without being too hefty on the pocket.

On the website of Music Promotion Club, there are a total of four packages that are made to suit the client’s requirements easily. The first package is called the ‘Soundcloud Marketing Package’ which provides the artists with at least 13K – 14K+ listeners, 130+ likes with 70+ reposts, along with online engagement and followers. This package comes with daily 1 hour of social media sharing, content marketing for 4-5 days, and 1 paid press release. The second package, ‘SOUNDCLOUD Marketing Weekly Pack’ comes with at least 15K – 16K+ listeners, 200+ likes with 90+ reposts, extended followers, and online engagement with the help of content marketing and 2 hours of daily social sharing. Apart from 1 paid press release, artists will get the chance to get into a string distribution network, feature in Google News, and a music blog.

The third package, ‘SOUNDCLOUD Promotion Package’ gives the artists daily 4 hours of social sharing, and continues content marketing for 5-6 days. This package will allow the artists to have at least 31K – 32K+ listeners, 260+ likes with 130+ reposts, 1 music blog, 1 music review, 1 paid press release, and increased followers and online engagement. The last package is called the ‘SOUNDCLOUD Promotion Weekly Package’ which comes with at least 36K – 37K+ listeners, 300+ likes with 260+ reposts, followers, online engagement, and buzz. With daily 6-8 hours of social sharing and content marketing for 5-6 days, this package also provides 1 paid press release and its distribution to 8-10 top-rated sites, 2 music blogs, and 2 music reviews on popular music blogging sites. The last package also comes with the chance to use the latest event promotion, email marketing, and video creation.

All four packages allow artists to choose 1 keyword based on the music genre and the last three packages come with a custom banner made just for the artist. This is not all, Music Promotion Club also allows the artists to create custom promotional packages so that they can choose and pick anything and everything and work with the company to reach the heights of fame and recognition. Apart from the swift delivery of streams, and increasing online engagement of the artists rapidly, the website is known for its authenticity where all the campaigns are done in a 100% organic way that caters to genuine streams and followers. So start today and enjoy the new popularity with the Music Promotion Club!

About the company:

Music Promotion Club is a promotional website that helps artists and musicians across all genres to get noticed and increase their fanbase by working on their SoundCloud profile. Know more at: https://musicpromotion.club/.


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