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How to Use Press Releases for Link Building Method?


If you use press releases for link-building methods then you will reach more audience and rank better on search engines. Here’s how you can attain charming results.

Use Press Releases for Link-building

All marketing and PR professionals have admitted that they use press releases for building links. This creates an excellent opportunity for a company to bring more attention and a wider range of audience to their press releases. But to ensure this there are some aspects you have to understand the demand in the first place and work on them. Link building is one of the most vital components that will ensure your visibility online. Along with SEO strategies, high authority backlinks can be extremely beneficial to turn your website into a high-traffic website. These well-trafficked websites get the most of benefits from Google, Bing, and other SERPS, Search Engine Results Pages.

1. Offer Quality! Not Quantity

If you are willing to use press releases for link-building benefits then you cannot overcrowd the content with several links. Understand the gravity of the news pick topics that are closest to this subject and make sure to add one or two links to attain the maximum results. Optimize your PR with the first 250 words to ensure these benefits.

2. Anchor Texts

This is also another option that you mustn’t overuse. You can use a keyword to anchor a text and find more alternative ways to use your company’s name in the body of the PR. There are several types of anchor texts which can benefit your PR to catch more eyes.

3. Impressive Heading

Giving a killer heading to your PR will ensure one major thing. People will be enticed to click this PR to continue reading. Apart from making it catchy you also need to use your primary keyword in the title to give it a boost. The basic attributes of a catchy title are short, concise, informative, offers numbers, and has the keyword in it.

4. Length

The length of the press release will depend on the topic you are writing about. If the topic demands an 800-word PR then this is what you deliver, if the topic is a shorter one and can be written thoroughly within 400 words then choose that only. There is no need to include a detailed topic in a short PR. And you can also don’t have to elaborate on a short topic.

5. SEO

Optimization is important and to optimize your press release you will have to research for keywords. After you have researched and picked a useful keyword you need to incorporate the keyword in the most natural way to avoid any sort of dysfunctions. Choose a long-tailed keyword based on the business domain. Don’t go for keyword stuffing, this is important to use one of two keywords properly to make your content captivating for your audience.

Link-building Measures:

Yes, the aforesaid attributes will help you to gain more audience but there are some measures that will directly work on your link-building methods. Here are the measures that will be fulfilled with proper link-building methods.

  • Organic Search Traffic – You will witness that your press release has generated enough amount of organic traffic, ensuring increased opportunities for your business.
  • Referral Traffic – This depends on the fact that how many publication houses have picked up your topic. If the number is above 15 then you are on the right track.
  • Traffic and Target Pages – The basic motto of link-building is getting people on the desired page. If your website is witnessing a good amount of traffic then your PR campaign is one of the successful ones.
  • Domain Authority – Earning authority backlinks is one of the assured ways to reach more people. This will ensure the website’s domain authority. By measuring how much your DA has increased you can determine the success of your link-building process.

Along with this, you need to understand that you have identified high-quality link opportunities. Are you wondering how to identify high-quality link opportunities? Here’s your answer:

Indentify the website of your business domain with higher DA. You can ask these websites to cite for your PR.

  • Research your competitors and check their backlinks.
  • There are several third-party tools and apps that you can use to measure these aspects.

There are many link-building studies that show trustworthy link-building opportunities can bring organic engagement to your business. In short, you will find every effect of link-building practices:

  • Step 1 – Catchy “clickbaity” headline
  • Step 2 – Use quotes from prominent personalities or officials
  • Step 3 – In the body of the PR Cite multiple high-authority sources
  • Step 4 – Add valuable information within the first 250 words
  • Step 5 – Offer contact information
  • Step 6 – Go for trustworthy distribution services
  • Step 7 – Don’t use spam-heavy approaches for your distribution
  • Step 8 – Place links strategically to attain maximum results

Question yourself, when was the last time you even opened the spam directory and read the emails? You need to understand that no one is jobless enough to read spam on their email account. So, while you are writing your PR you need to understand this and don’t use those words which will end that email in the spam section. Sending too many emails will also offer you the same. If you see the bigger picture then you will understand that Digital PR and Link Building go hand in hand. Their joined forces are responsible for the Content Distribution Ecosystem model of content marketing. And will integrate better results in the future.


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