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Queensland DJ Christian Krauter Is Bringing Cheerful Beats With His Latest Music


A very versatile and innovative artist Christian Krauter has released exciting new music. The Queensland DJ showed off his skills and talent in this new collection.

Christian Krauter

Performing with the musical aura of Electronic Dance Music has given several artists an intangible reputation, fame, and success in the music industry. Similarly, to the sensation of EDM music, Christian Krauter has two new releases for his fans and listeners that make him an expert in expressing emotions with great musical beats. The recently launched tracks from the artist, Boys In The Club, and I’m Buzzing, are the perfect examples of great music, storytelling, and being able to set the perfect mood. Both tracks are becoming popular on music streaming platforms, gaining praise from both critics and listeners.

Expanding his reach with every other release, the Queensland DJ has been able to develop quite a big fan base of his own. This made the release of his new tracks very successful as his loyal listeners had already waiting for them for a long time. Since the release of the two tracks, ‘Boys In The Club’, and ‘I’m Buzzing’, the artist has also been able to show off his skills and insane talent that makes him unparalleled in the industry. One of the two brand new releases, ‘Boys In The Club’ according to the DJ himself is an invitation to forget all the worries and let loose. The music is meant to add an extra smile to the vibe. On the other hand, ‘I’m Buzzing’ is another innovative creation of the artist, which is truly a haunting melody that is a dance of the futuristic. Both tracks have electrifying bass and stunning grooves that will uplift the moods of the listeners instantly.

Hailing from Australia, Queensland, Maroochydore, the artist has always been fascinated by music and it was his passion that made him pursue this career as an EDM DJ. Listen to his other musical records, such as ‘Voodoo Acid Ritual’, ‘Zithers Zorn’, ‘Sunset Moskau’, ‘Somebody Scream’, ‘Wobbles@war’, etc. on his SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. For more updates, follow him on Instagram, x, Facebook, and his website.

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