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Landmark Hemp-Carbon Deal Could be a Game-Changer for the Climate Emergency

Global ‘Climate Impact’ Partnership signed between Singapore Companies ‘Climate Resources Exchange International’ (CRX), & Biotech Hemp Company ‘CannAcubed’. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Singapore, Sep 8, 2020 ( – The deal, a first of its kind in the world, is for both parties to explore the potential commercialization of Industrial Hemp as an Impact commodity to solve key issues around, carbon sequestration & climate control, sustainable agriculture, deforestation, poverty alleviation, renewable energy & fossil fuel reduction, environment waste & plastic reduction, green building & construction materials, health/disease & wellness, and hunger & nutrition. Climate Resources…

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New Trade Association Gains Momentum After Initial Conference Call

Group Advocates for Sales Engineers from Multiple Industries (YorkPedia Editorial):- Boston, Aug 17, 2020 ( – The newly-formed North American Association of Sales Engineers (NAASE) conducted its first forum/conference call for Association members and other invitees, on August 13th.  The NAASE Executive Team considered the ZOOM event a success due to its practical advice and considerations along with interactions from professionals representing various fields and industries. Others involved tended to agree. “It was a great pleasure to be part of this NAASE webinar. Such interesting dialogue related to the role of Sales…

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DC Motors for Medical Applications Are Improving Health

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Jul 30, 2020 ( – Since it was initially reported on 31 December 2019, the illness is known as Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has spread rapidly, having the world on edge. As of 12 June, close to 7.3 million confirmed cases and over 413,400 deaths have been reported globally since the outbreak began in more than 200 countries, territories and areas, with new cases and countries reporting daily. Always, better health is central to human happiness and well-being. Never before has medical technology played a greater role in…

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Fake Microblogging and Social Networking Account (OTC Pink: ZHUD)

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Fuzhou, Jun 25, 2020 ( – The Company has been made aware that fake microblogging and social networking account that claims to be related to Zhuding International Limited have been created. Investors are advised to disregard any requests or communication and refrain from sharing any personal information. Please keep in mind to only rely on OTC disclosures and prepared press releases that are released over the OTC Markets. About Zhuding International Limited Zhuding International Limited is an innovative building materials manufacturer with primary operations in China. Focused on environmental protection…

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The Business Labs RPA Solutions Dramatically Reduces Your Company’s Backlog

(YorkPedia Editorial):- California, May 25, 2020 ( – The COVID-19 virus has certainly made its impact on the world.  Businesses are revaluating standard business practices to meet this demands of ‘the new normal.’ “We reached out to business across northern California and discovered that 98 percent faced varied degrees of challenges closing the books in April. Further, controllers are worried about the transactional backlog and volume shifts that will cause additional workload burden. Instead of expensive temporary staff, Robotic Process Automation completely justifies the need and comes at a cost that is…

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Fortel, UK’s largest labour suppliers is organizing the Snowdon Night Walk Challenge

Fortel is organizing the Snowdon night walk challenge which is the celebration of its 20th anniversary. (YorkPedia Editorial):- West Midlands, May 1, 2020 ( – Fortel, is one of the UK’s largest labour suppliers of professional blue and white-collar resources. It has developed its reputation over time. Not only in terms of work but also in terms of helping society or community they are living in. They believe in giving back to the society in one or the other form. That is why they are taking part in every charity fundraising, in…

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Strength H2O Industrial Solutions Providing Michigan Coronavirus Cleaning – Disinfection

Strength H2O Industrial Solutions Voted Best Michigan Coronavirus Cleaning Company (YorkPedia Editorial):- Troy, Apr 14, 2020 ( – People all over Michigan are getting used to panic mode with the coronavirus and its deadly effects. The World Health Organization has given it the status of a pandemic. With Michigan businesses needing an option for coronavirus cleaning & disinfection they are turning to Strength H2O Industrial Solutions for the dreaded COVID-19 outbreak of coronavirus, the company has taken on the Michigan coronavirus head-on. The virus has its effect for at least 7 days…

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Square Capital Redacts Small Business Loan Offers In Lieu of COVID-19

Square Payments Boo Boo. Maybe Try A Better Processor??? (YorkPedia Editorial):- Kemah, Apr 3, 2020 ( – While the Nation’s small businesses are partially struggling, their longtime payment partner is tightening the reins on their Capital Loan requirements. But why? Most small business partners with Square on their Square Capital Forum.  The only valid answers from the company so far have been that they are continuously monitoring the situation and they are providing support resources as needed.  Support resources thus far for COVID-19 impacted small businesses have been:  Subscription fee reimbursements Gift…

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Melbourne’s No 1 Leak Detection Company

Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back (YorkPedia Editorial):- Melbourne, Mar 19, 2020 ( – Save Time, Money & Water with the experts from Did you know that Water Suppliers will refund you the difference in excess usage? Do the test, turn off all your water supply including washing machines, toilets, taps etc, take a photo from your water meter, wait 10 minutes and take another one. If the meter reading has changed, you have a leak. Have you received a high Water Bill or notice from your Water Supplier that your…

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TransGlobal Assets Inc. (OTC: TMSH) Provides Pain and Depression Relief with Two New Cannabis Strains

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Ann Arbor, Mar 16, 2020 ( – TransGlobal Assets Inc. (OTC: TMSH) Provides Pain Relief and Support For Depression With Two New Cannabis Strains Monster Elixir a wholly-owned subsidiary of TMSH is pleased to announce that it has developed two new medical-grade cannabis strains that are Sativa-dominant hybrids, that brings unique attributes to medical patients. The first strain is referred to as, BB. Attributes include relief from symptoms of depression, stress & muscle spasms. The second strain referred to as MV, benefits include support for insomnia, anxiety and pain relief. …

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