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Infinitesima announce first customer shipment of the ground-breaking Metron3D probe metrology system

Providing improved process control for next generation Semiconductor manufacturing. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Oxford, United Kingdom Feb 27, 2023 ( – Infinitesima has completed the first customer shipment of the Metron3D metrology system, a revolutionary sub-nanometer, high speed 3D imaging system that operates at in-line production throughputs. The system has passed all internal qualification tests for imaging quality and throughput and is being shipped to an undisclosed, leading Semiconductor manufacturer. With imaging time measured in seconds, rather than minutes the system will address metrology challenges for manufacturing next generation logic, DRAM, and 3D NAND…

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DynamoEdge is selected #1 Connected Vehicle Trend – Innovation 2022.

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Indianapolis, Indiana Jan 6, 2023 ( – With the explosion of data created by 5G networks and devices, the market is facing a crucial problem: how to transmit and analyze massive amounts of data in real time with minimal impact on the environment as sending the raw data to the cloud is simply not sustainable long term. DynamoEdge – a US-based startup – solved this problem by creating a predictive edge AI software solution that turns the data collection pipeline upside down. Instead of sending TBs of raw data to…

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Artracx launches new blockchain-based chipset, verifiable credential and digital certificates for art authentication

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. Aug 1, 2022 ( – ART GROUP LIMITED (Hong Kong) is proud to announce the product launch of the ARTRACX Curator platform together with ENTITLE App and ENTITLE Starter kit for artists, art dealers, and galleries to create digital identities in fine art and collectibles for proper IP protection and authentication.  Intellectual property theft, outright plagiarism, and copyright infringement are enemies to all creators around the world. The art industry has also given breathing room to bad actors that undermine the artists’ rights and the…

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NVISO announces it has reached a key interoperability milestone with BrainChip Akida Neuromorphic IP

NVISO has implemented full interoperability of four AI Apps from its Human Behavioural AI catalogue on the BrainChip Akida neuromorphic processor achieving average model throughput at more than 1000 FPS and average model storage less than 140 KB.. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Lausanne, Vaud Jul 18, 2022 ( – nViso SA (NVISO), the leading Human Behavioural Analytics AI company, is pleased to announce it has released an Evaluation Kit (EVK) for its Human Behavioural AI SDK running on the BrainChip Akida neuromorphic processing platform. NVISO will release commercially its Human Behaviour AI as both…

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