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DynamoEdge is selected #1 Connected Vehicle Trend – Innovation 2022.


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Indianapolis, Indiana Jan 6, 2023 ( – With the explosion of data created by 5G networks and devices, the market is facing a crucial problem: how to transmit and analyze massive amounts of data in real time with minimal impact on the environment as sending the raw data to the cloud is simply not sustainable long term. DynamoEdge – a US-based startup – solved this problem by creating a predictive edge AI software solution that turns the data collection pipeline upside down. Instead of sending TBs of raw data to the cloud, DynamoEdge analyzes data at the edge 100 times per second, distributes AI algorithms throughout the data pipe, and only transmits the insights, representing only MBs of data. DynamoEdge collaborated with AT&T to ensure fast and secure connectivity that delivers the best customer experience. With DynamoEdge’s predictive edge technology, companies can reduce costs and prioritize sustainability by processing the data locally in real-time. In the automotive industry, for example, with DynamoEdge’s technology, connected and autonomous vehicles could significantly reduce costs associated with data storage, transmission, energy consumption, and emissions.

StartUs Insights – the world’s largest resource for data on emerging companies – analyzed Connected Vehicle Trends in 2022 and studied 1,836 global startups and emerging companies working within these trends. After its comprehensive analysis, it handpicked 20 startups and identified DynamoEdge as a key leader in the trend StartUs Insight predicts will have the single largest market impact (22% of Connected Vehicles) and noted:

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“DynamoEdge advances chip-to-cloud processing by developing a secure and scalable platform for real-time chip-to-cloud data processing. It distributes machine learning algorithms across the transmission pipeline from the sensor to the cloud. This reduces the massive data costs required for data processing. Additionally, it uses 5G to facilitate high-speed data transfer and finds applications in predicting hardware failures, generating fleet diagnostics, and more.”

According to Markets and Markets, the Connected Vehicle market is expected to exceed USD 56 billion by 2026, and DynamoEdge is well-positioned to impact 22% of it.

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