The Official Date of Release For Daymare:1998 Announced as it is Time To Head For Your Playstation





The horror game for survival for which gamers have been waiting for patiently is about to hit your play stations as Daymare:1998 game gets an official release date.


The game has been developed by Invader Studios, which is a game studio based out of Italy and works independently. The game, Daymare:1998 is a reappearance of the previous versions of survival horror games from the 1990s. This game drew heavy inspirations from previous games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. The gameplay is the third person and the genre which features in the game is horror classic. The game comprises of creatures who are mutated, research facilities which are covert along with managing artistes and solving puzzles. All through the game, one gets to play three characters who are different having unique sets of experience and stories. If you manage to play all three stories, more details will be uncovered which will, in turn, give more insight about the weapons which are mysterious and have caused an outbreak of viral in a strange way.


Some modern things are added to the game which is very cool although the game has a retro feel and inspired by a retro theme. These modern improvisations and innovativeness are brought by the team working for the game in Invader Studios. you could very well relive the glorious past or not so glorious past according to the preference of your camera angles which were very much static, Daymare:1998 is more like a recent horror game based and played upon the third person. The over the shoulder shots from the camera are a bit crisp and aiming the system.


With almost non-existent HUD elements you need to keep the tabs manually on the health front as well as on the inventory front and also you need to keep a tab on your location. the elements of puzzle-solving are not very simple. On the contrary, more attention is needed for the surroundings and clues are very important as one needs to look for it.


The game, Daymare:1998 has received rave reviews from people who have already played and got their hands to the demo version. the demo version is available and currently on Steam. Once the demo released it became quite popular among several streamers who are high profile and also among Youtubers in whose channels the demo featured.


The fans for the game are screaming to know more about it. A little bit of information is provided by the studio here and there, which is a good thing. A video series has been released on the official channel of Youtube about specific details and important aspects of the game. ‘Meet Sam’ is a trailer of the story and is one of the latest videos posted by me.


The last two years for the survival horror game has been very good. The survival-horror genre gained considerable ground and got pushed to a new direction with major and important titles like Alien: Isolation, Outlast and Resident Evil VII which has fared very well in the gaming genre. the remake of Resident Evil 2 paved the way and showed how the classical games should be updated and catered for the gamers of the new generation. Daymare:1998 is already on its way for success and we wish that the release of the game is as successful as has been for the release of the demo.


September 17th is the date for the release of the game at a price of only $ 29.99. As has been decided, the game will be coming to the PC only, for now, the success of the game is a crucial factor in deciding whether this game could be brought to other consoles and the developers will start thinking on this ground and start the procedure.


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