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Open World Adventure With Adorable Creatures- The Eternal Cylinder Gets A Release Date




Ace Team announced the release of Te External Cylinder where the player controls a herd of alien babies called Trebhums. Parenting these adorable creatures and guiding them into adulthood is the vision of the game.

A large, unique and vibrant ecosystem with exotic colors is displayed across the screen and cute little creatures move around the alien planet. This is a pretty unique game and will have lots of trials along the way. A trailer of the interesting exploration is just released on YouTube.

In the happy ecosystem, the struggle for survival co-exists. A large cylinder which is also mentioned in the title comes rolling towards these innocent babies. The huge count of them possesses a threat to the alien baby’s existence.

The Ace Team did an outstanding video work and completely took the game to a whole new level. The environment is incredibly well portrayed, full of vibrant colors and interesting artifacts.

The trailer shows the presence of amusingly unconventional creatures who take the centre stage. The planet has a good variety of species with unique features, some have long nose while others have massive legs. The player gets a chance to interact with them and they are solely responsible for their safety. In addition to the giant cylinders, other aliens will try to eat those Trebhums and so the player always has to stay alert for safeguarding them.

The game is full of interesting sections and depending on the challenges and how they face them, these young ones will grow and evolve with time.

The excitement of serving these cute aliens grow in front of your eyes is a unique concept and with the release of The Eternal Cylinder- Announcement Trailer, the game has already gathered much appreciation for its out-of-the-box concept. The game will be available on the Epic Games Store in 2020.


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