Sea Of Thieves Has Been Added With Playable Banjo So Gather Your Band Of Merry Ruffians



There is a clamor among fans so that the musical instruments Sea of Thieves must be added with a banjo. The wish may be granted now as you can Gather Your Band Of Merry Ruffians.


According to reports from the article Shack News, during Gamescom at the Arena build the musical string’s piece was spotted. 


Although, it did not mean that in the next update it will end up for banjo. But it is showing that Rare is listening with all ears kept on the ground about the want of the community.


The fans demand that a Sea of Thieves, the music system, must add a banjo to it. Those who are newly playing the game, there is a feature that allows for playing with instruments by the people. The fun can be shared by other players also.


It is a good break to take from the mundane thieving and slashing that is part and parcel of the game.


The update for Hungering Deep released last May, as drums and trumpets are added to the musical instruments ensemble. In the game, the drum is not considered an ordinary percussion. It is an important instrument through which Megalodon can be summoned.


The update for Hungering Deep includes the game boss and monster shark, the Megalodon. A lot of damage can be sustained by your sheep as mouths are kept wide open when it attacks.


The game Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure which released on Microsoft Windows and Xbox One on March 20, 2018. You will get a choice of playing with your crew members (4 players maximum) also you can play the first-person game alone.


Banjo sounds in the game are not new. During the update of Shrouded Spoils, the music of banjo playing can be heard. When you go out for fishing you can hear the banjo music being played in the background during the Anniversary update. In Pirate hideout, you can see banjo played by the specter of a pirate.


If the banjo is there in the game, it will be played as a musical instrument, fourth on the list. The Sea of Thieves now has a hurdy-gurdy, concertina, and the drum.


The drum is more important in Sea of thieves and is more significant than the banjo. It comes as good news for fans who are looking for a lot of variety in the game through musical instruments. There is an announcement related to pet monkey which is added to Sea of Thieves and the news is right up there at the top.


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