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Gender-Neutral Pronouns Are Used By Sam Smith So That He Keeps In Touch With Himself



A US magazine reported that it was announced by Sam Smith he will start using pronouns which are gender-neutral like referring to himself as ‘they’ and ‘them’. the pop-star on 13th September took to social media to address his fans that he will be using different pronouns to ‘they’ and ‘them’ as there was a war on gender on his timeline.


Sam Smith Begins Using Gender-Neutral Pronouns in front of his Instagram followers who are 13 million in number. The songwriter and singer who is 27 years old went on to say that the changes he is making are because he wants to embrace the true self and it is just an attempt. On the hind side, the singer felt that some people may sometimes accidentally or unintentionally misgender him but it is ok.


Sam also said that he is learning about nonbinary and stated that he is not educated enough to discuss the topic. The people who have been referred in his post include Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye and Laverne Cox from Orange Is The New Black.


The switch in pronoun was first hinted by Sam when James Barr was thanked by him as ‘they’ is used to refer him in the Twitter account on Tuesday, September 10th. Smith took to his Twitter account to mention that it was James who first used the word ‘they’ to refer him and the gesture was really beautiful.


In October 2017, Sam spoke to Sunday Times and revealed his gender identity where he went on to state that he felt more like a woman than as a man. Later in March, Sam said that he was non-binary and it was during an appearance on IG TV in the Jameela Jamil’s/Weigh series.


In one of the shows, Smith said that it is not important for anyone to identify with one’s gender, rather various traits belonging to different genders can be combined by an individual so that a ‘special creation’ of their own can be created. In the show, Sam said that he is floating somewhere in between.


Sam ruled out the possibility of sex change at this point while the discussion over it took place.


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