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A Beautiful New Game Flotsam Lets You Rebuild the Society with Garbage, Welcome to the New City



Most of the pop culture theories are focusing on what will be the ending result of this mankind and one of the common problems that right now appears in mind is a great flood. Well, in Flotsam, this is the primary thing that has come into focus. Now, it’s up to you how you want to rebuild this society again. There you can found tons of garbage in the ocean that is causing a threat to marine life as well as polluting the globe. This game presents such a situation where you can get the trash and decide how you will love to build the foundation of society.

A Beautiful New Game Flotsam is all set to foretell a horrible end but a bet can be placed that no other game before has successfully presented this level of charm. The game is therefore bright in colour and also it bears a cheery tone that motivates you at every level to rebuild the society with your enthusiasm. It offers a lighthearted feeling if you are ready to ignore those billions of people who have lost their lives during the apocalypse.

Start the game with three survivors who marooned the ocean and though there is no sign left that once society was there but you can found a countless large heap of garbage as well as debris that is floating in the water. So, this is where you are all set to go as you proceed towards recycling these chunks of garbage and ready for a new beginning.

You can send the characters into the ocean for collecting the wood and garbage which in turn helps you as raw materials. Once you start using them, you can see your city is rebuilt in a new form and this floating city can resemble society. Now, it’s time to decide the rules so that you can set a disciplinary way to build society.

The first step that is mostly needed to build a society is a long plank. This is going to be the anchor for the buildings that you are going to construct. The next things of priorities that you may require are – dryer, a place to sleep and a water purifier. Swimming all the time can make you exhausted and that’s why you must divide your time wisely to make sure that you are going to take good care of the people.

The more buildings you construct, the better materials are to be gathered and thereafter the freedom of exploring things turns into an option. Moreover, you can make boats so that you can travel to new locations and start building new establishments. The only problem the players are facing while playing this game is there is not enough food for the characters and that may leave them to strive.

This game is, of course, time-consuming and it moves slowly to make the things look perfect. It gives you enough time to perform any task. This game has no doubt brought in new inspiration for the city-building genre. The colourful art and cheery notes will never tell you to give up.


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