Missouri Music Producer Chase HiFi’s Song ‘100’ is a Collaborative Presentation of the Best Elements of Trap


The gradual modification of hip-hop through the years of sustainable change in the music industry has come a long way in promoting the various aspects of individual opinions. Trap being a relatively newer addition in the extravaganza of musical growth has found a new proprietor in upcoming producer Chase HiFi. His newly released song ‘100’ in a creative collaboration with Keith Lawson epitomizes trap with some of the most layered and structured synchronizations the genre has to offer. ‘100’ is synonymous with the tonal saga of modern-day trap creativity that draws an ambiance to take the audience to a whole another transcendence of contemplation.

Chase HiFi

Sometimes abstract, sometimes representational, Missouri music producer Chase HiFi curates it all into his lineage of song streaming that is often put together in collaboration with other artists. He chooses the lyrical content to his songs very skillfully with a notion that sits fit with the audience’s demand in the extant timeline. There is both texture and linearity in his productions that brim with variant rhythmic modulations, instrumentation generosity, and cultural insinuations that create an atmosphere of utter elegance. However, his biggest accomplishment lies in his ability to arrange and weave together the various elemental blocks that give a song a structured quality.

With a hard-hitting aura making Chase HiFi stand out in creative intelligence, his rise to the top of the charts is on its way to attaining global fulfillment. Some of his other songs including ‘Wet’, ‘Float’, and ‘Elliante’ all have the captivating tempo to create something bigger than life and existence. As he moves up the popularity ladder with more songs pouring in along the motion of his career graph, his sound is getting more and more refined with nested musical creativity. There are both contemporary modules and relatable acts of musical conceptualization in his songs that allow for an easy-flowing area of trap evolution. Be a part of Chase HiFi’s musical greatness and timbre distinction by following him on Instagram and Twitter right away.

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