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Fans Get Eager About The Future Of World Of Warcraft As The Battle For Azeroth Comes To An End



Fans recently got to witness the release of Bizzard’s patch 8.2.5 of their MMORPG flagship World of Warcraft. Through this patch, the fans got to know that Battle for Azeroth would come to a close. The ending of battle for Azeroth leaves World of Warcraft fans in a dilemma.

The story of this expansion mainly focuses on the on and off enmity among the characters of the world of Azeroth, the Alliance, and the Horde. Rather than progressing into the depth of the game, the story of the expansion has been brought to an end with the legendary hero Varok Saurfang and veteran of the Horde challenging the corrupt War Chief Sylvanas Windrunner to a duel competition, known as Mak’gora.

In a brief, Sylvanas emerges as the winner but in this course exposes herself to making use of the entirety of Horde for her own benefits. Though she kills Saurfang and wins the battle, yet she flies off with the two armies with her as she is the one who has actually lost the battle. The battle comes to an end as Sylvanas gets denied by the Horde and allows the Alliance and Horde Rebel forces to make their entrance into the city along with the corpse of Saurfang.

So the battle ends and people have to come to an accord between them to maintain peace. The problem for some of the users is that the fight between the Alliance and the Horde allows them to indulge in player-vs-player combat, which is the main attraction for them. So with both attaining peace, no attraction remains to play the game.

This won’t affect the gameplay much. Though the mega battle has ended, there are still plenty of reasons left for the races to hate each other and fight among themselves.

Many fans are expecting that the Night Elf leadership will not obey this peace treaty and continue to kill any Horde forces that come across. Some other theories suggest that the followers of Sylvanas may try to create enmity between the Alliance and the Horde, and entice them to start the fight again.

Well, until the teasers of the next expansion get released, nothing can be said officially. The fans will certainly get the answers to all their queries after the arrival of BlizzCon in November.


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