The Columbia Hiphop Artist Joshua is Ruling the International Charts with his Track ‘Muerte de Pablo’



The renowned singer cum songwriter, Joshua has been an asset for the music industry. He has gifted his fans many memorable tracks, such as ‘Snow’, ‘Run It’, ‘Isle Of Palms’, ‘Gone’, etc. All of these tracks helped him reach the summit of his career. And, just when the audience was getting impatient in want of his latest track, he came up with his first LP ‘Your Time is Coming Soon’. Having collaborated with For The Youth LLC, the Columbia hiphop artist Joshua has assembled eleven of the most amazing tracks under this album. Among these, Muerte de Pablo’ turned out to be the match-winner due to its creative flow and impeccable production.

The concept of ‘Muerte de Pablo’ pivots a very delicate and important situation of the young generation. The track addresses the difficulty of today’s youth in identifying their true selves in a world that is full of negative minded people. This is a serious issue but not much talked about. Joshua has done a great job in addressing this situation as there is no better tool than music in highlighting the major issues of society. The passion with which he has portrayed this topic is simply spellbinding and beyond expectation.

The 25-year-old multi-instrumentalist started playing classical guitar while being in high school and then started taking interest in other instruments as well. The versatile artist has performed at numerous venues and has also done sound design and film scores. It is quite fascinating that in such a short time the track has garnered hundreds of thousands of streams and radio airplay. He is all set to gift his fans another awesome track named ‘Billboard Evangelist’. And, soon he will be performing at Secret Live in LA Experience. So, keep an ear on Joshua through the online music streaming platform SoundCloud.

Check out to listen this song ‘Muerte de Pablo’ by Joshua:  https://soundcloud.com/demonioguapo/ii-muerte-de-pablo


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