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A Special Chapter And HK-55 Companion Is Rewarded To Subscribers For The Release Of Star Wars The Old Republic



It has been happening for several years that the subscribers are rewarded as a great deal is given by the Old Republic of Star Wars as HK-55 was the most predominant among them. It was introduced in the expansion of the Knights of the Fallen Empire, and among the nine chapters, there is the death of HK-55 in the eighth one which was introduced on the launch day of the game. The very popular droid company is created and then brought back by the developers because it is very popular among the players and can be considered as an active companion and the special chapter which is his own took place between Eternal throne and Fallen Empire.


According to the Star Wars The Old Republic Releases Formerly Subscriber the people who had a subscription of nine months got access to the rewards until the expansion of the Onslaught. The next seven chapters are completed by the developers during this time regarding the Knights of the Fallen Empire.


During this period in time, company recruitment was introduced after the finishing of the Fallen Empire with the special chapter. As a cartel market, along with the expansion of the chapter and the companion was released to unlock cartel coin to the number of 3800 which costs approximately American $35.


Achievements and assortments of rewards come with HK-55. When the quest is completed to re-recruit HK-55 an achievement is bestowed upon the players in the first place as he was destroyed and no memory is left of him regarding the previous adventure along with Koth, the Player Character and Lana and neither any memory belonging to the previous settings.


This recruitment mission is used by Arma Rasa so that the players are allowed to set priorities of HK-55 when deals are made with other beings. Along with the mission comes a few achievements and there is a secret mission also. An achievement is derived by players for having in the room the target-specific objects of HK-55 which includes HK-55 and the players also. It also includes an achievement that is secret which requires to be a part of the quest regarding the shared version of another player.


The most enjoyable of them is a special chapter of HK-55 called shroud of Memory. When HK-55 is directly taken control, there is a unique map through which the players go to stop the shroud, which breaks information, and along with a unique NPC so that the Alliance Base on Odessen is not destroyed.


The setting players show there face on Arma Massa and this is the mission where HK-55 is programmed so that the innocent are not harmed by it so that if it is tried in this chapter, it would be exclaimed by him that it will be not allowed by the programming even if he wants it badly. The dialogues that are related to the sequence when the players are not allowed for HK-55 is a very funny incident.


The players are very much excited at the moment who joined when the time frame that is required is over so that they get back the funny companion finally to get the achievement list to be filled up. Bioware owns the company and they listen to the fans as a company and the players will be given things which they can enjoy.


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