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Ubisoft Hits A Massive Drop With Stocks After The Delay Of The Game




On the opening of Friday, Ubisoft was reduced to EUR 40.50 (44.88 USD) from Thursday’s closing figure 56.10 EUR (62.16 USD), making Ubisoft’s stock price fall down to 20%. They hit the lowest point since April 2017 which is a matter to fret for. Ubisoft Takes Big Financial Hit With Stocks Plummeting out of the blur and the stocks went down to EUR 39.89 (44.20 USD) throughout the day.

Everyone is shocked due to this downturn of the stock prices and contemplating the reasons behind it.  It first cue to this massive fall down might be the delay of three popular games: Watch Dogs Legion, Gods & Monsters, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine which are still developing. Now it is assumed that these games will be released by their fiscal year of 2020-2021. This way , Ubisoft will gain some time to hone up the games. Another significant problem can be the recent disappointment of two of Ubisoft’s most popular franchise games, Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.

The firm is now intending to make revisions to their revenue projections. The shareholders were a bit upset with Ubisoft’s altered forecast for net booking. Net booking is the money obtained from selling products and services online and physically as well in a particular span. So far, Ubisoft said to score a net booking of around 2.2 billion EUR (approximately 2.4 billion USD). But after the huge plummet in the shares on Thursday, Ubisoft cut off the projection and forecasted the net booking around 1.4 billion EUR (approximately 1.55 billion USD).

The CEO of Ubisoft, Mr. Yves Guillemot showed utter disappointment with the revenue made for Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Later on it was out in an announcement conference call that Ubisoft put hard efforts to fight with Breakpoint keeping the fact in mind that it was a sequel to the highly popular Ghost Recon Wildlands.

There is a video of Ghost Recon Breakpoint of Ubisoft gameplay.

Ubisoft has been trying hard to develop Ghost Recon games with a variation of wilderness, vast land of Bolivia with extensive maps of colossal Bolivian salts to mountainous villages. The whole idea is very innovative to Ubisoft games.

The space or playground of Breakpoint has diversity with plains and rugged, all sorts of topographical variations are found in it. But on the other side, the quality of missions becomes balmy or dull as most of the focus is given on the geological features in the game. The game eventually becomes very slow with repetitions that make it bland in nature.

Another major problem the player realized while playing the game is that there are functional problems with multiplayer. One common drawback of the game is it tends to get boring as it lacks variation with game modes and to find a match.

The game was released on October 4 only and the developers have promised to listen to all the critical feedback from the fans and implement more effects.

It will be a hard time for Ubisoft but they have strategies to bounce back from the ground. It will be interesting to see if the shareholders still stick with them strongly.


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