Trap Baby Dre and CB have Released their Super Engaging Music Video ‘Yoke’ that Hits with Impact


Trap Baby Dre and CB have collectively choreographed a new catchy music video that stylishly fuses the color and bounce of hip-hop and rap with full confidence and anthem-like qualities that drive the song to become an instant hit amongst the fans. Their personalities flow freely throughout their tracks and in their latest music video, the audience gets to enjoy an impeccable flow of verses. The video is extremely groovy with both the artists displaying their artistic caliber in the most compelling way. The vocal rhythm and the lyrical storytelling method is impressive and becomes more and more addictive with each passing hook. As the music goes on, the talented rappers hold things tight to make the audio journey even more enjoyable.

The record ‘Yoke’ sees good use of the artists’ nonchalant rap flow as they paint a sumptuous production which is both bold and striking. Right from the beginning of the track, both the artists start displaying their vocal talent as they rap consistently and swing along with the melodic beats with full motivational energy. The video has been creatively built and encompasses all the essential elements of a perfect hip-hop number. The songwriting is very much catchy and is very much relatable to the visuals.CB and Trap Baby Dre, who is also famously known as Ganjamann raps melodically over the lyrics as they repeatedly call out by asking others not to call them, broke. The words ‘you can call me anything, but you don’t call me broke’ keeps humming in the listeners’ mind and it is kind of impossible to move away from that groove.

The singers go on to show off their possessions but in a way that will excite the listener to watch more of it. It is an absolute club banger that is overloaded with its own character of rhythm. Also, the brilliant expression that flashes in-between moments of flawless rap delivery welcomes a sense of playfulness that makes the watch even more exciting. The artists emphasize their singing abilities and allow their voices to ring out with stark clarity and strength. Performance-wise, both of them have shown a fitting approach to the record and they seem to be in full control. With the constant movement of the body to the beats, the song builds on wild rhythms and the viewer gets fully engrossed in the video. Watch the video on YouTube and for more information about their latest updates, follow the pair on Instagram.

‘Yoke’ by Trap Baby Dre and CB :



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