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A First-Person Makeover Is Accorded By The First Silent Hill With A Pleasant Available Demo




When it comes to horror games, many games come and go like waves but never really are able to leave their marks in a massive way. There are only a few of horror games over a couple of years that actually could make a separate stand and had a long-lasting impact upon the game lovers. The Silent Hill series is among those very few most wanted games of this category. Though the movie that was on the run to be produced soon haven’t gone smoothly forcing its production to stall for a while, the game on the other hand, is only going up with increasing popularity after The First Silent Hill Has Received A First-Person Makeover  and a demo game is available to start playing.

It first came into existence when the first Silent Hill was developed by Konami Computer Entertainment in its debut year of 1999. It became a hyped sensation at the time with its revolutionary atmospheric vibe that was unique for the time being. When you get into the game as the protagonist Harry Mason, you find bleak fog everywhere as you proceed along with the map. The foggy environs blur your vision and you tend to lose the tracks which set the perfect ambiance with extensive nature. The whole idea of the game was very new for a time like that.

It has been many years since this one of a kind survival-horror game was released and yet its charms have not faded a little with time. Konami’s contribution to the project has not been rimed with time and there are people who still applause for what he did to promote the genre at that time. Coincidently, the game designer Zero Trace Operative used to be a loyal fan of this game back in those days. That is why he has taken the initiative to get a first-person perspective for the Silent Hill series.

With the new first-person perspective, the game gets an additional vibrant vibe that was missing before which pulls the audience. It gives new exposure to the game with more creepy visuals and puzzling ride throughout the game. As the hero of the game, Harry, you will always be in dilemma within the reality, continuously thinking that something creepy might be behind your back. Once you turn around to face what was creeping you, you are exposed to another danger, leaving your other back all unprotected.

Though it is just a demo of the game and won’t give you the full access to play the entire game. The whole game needs huge resources to come as a whole. But the players can simply enjoy the first-person perspective for the Silent Hill series as a classic of horror games. You still can get the authentic essence in the scary demo.

If you have not been playing the Silent Hill series for a while now, then you can pay a revisit to revive your experience of this tremendous scary ride and be enthralled.  Good news for the players as the first part of the game is now available on the platform. It is fascinating to witness the evolution of an old franchise with lots of passion and innovation. People come up with lots of amazing variations that make the game more iconic to its users. Ultimately people get benefited with such creativeness and prowess. The players and nostalgic lovers of this years-old franchise are thankful to Zero Trace Operative for giving them a chance to revive the goosey feeling and thrilling situation through the new Silent Hill.


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