Justice Not Delayed And Certainly Not Denied: Faith On Administrative Forces Restored!



 Image Credits – Wikimedia Commons


In a country like India getting justice is next to fixing an appointment with God, the modern corruption and cunning nature of the administrative forces lead people to get into this belief. For the recent case of brutal rape and murder of Telengana based doctor Priyanka Reddy, the netizens thought the victim’s family would meet the same fate.

The Telangana police break all these ongoing notions on Friday morning when they have killed all four who were accused in the rape-and-murder case of the 25-year-old veterinarian. A Senior Police official said the incident took place around 6.30 am when the accused were taken to the spot of the offense for re-structuring the whole scene of the crime as part of the investigation.

Immediately after this valiant act by the Police, a large number of people gathered in the city to express their happiness over this encounter killing, a few of them have reached the ‘encounter’ site and eulogized the police and used victorious phrases like ‘Telangana police zindabad’ and ‘We got justice’ to show their satisfaction.

Earlier on November 29 all four men, all lorry workers, were arrested for raping and killing the woman by smothering her and later burning her body. They were condemned to 7 days of judicial custody.

Victim’s family seems elated with this action of the police as they welcomed it with loud applause and they are grateful to everyone who stood beside them in this hard time.

The gang-rape and murder is already a big issue that had initiated a country-wide rage with several protests and ‘candle-light march’  by the public, lawmakers and intellectuals asking justice in forms of a quick punishment to the perpetrators. There are initiatives taken by the State Government too to set up a fast track court to accelerate the trial.

This incident brings a ray of light to Nirbhaya’s family as well. Nirbhaya, the 23-year-old medical student who has been gang-raped died in December 2012 after fighting hard for her life. Her Mother appealed to the higher authorities not to punish the policemen involved in the encounter and her father also welcomed the encounter, He said the family’s wait for justice ended early unlike them who had to wait for 7 long years.

Congress leader and Lok Sabha member Shashi Tharoor, however, criticized the whole course of things as he mentions extrajudicial killings are not acceptable.


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