The Spotlight Is Stolen By Jashae- Fan’s Love Showered On Toya Wright As She Spends Time With Niece And Sister




Recently, a lot of time is spent by Toya Wright along with her family as they went for a vacation in Dubai together. Reginae Carter was the special reason for the trip, as he turns 21 years of age.


A lot of pics have been shared by Toya along with videos as the family visited the gorgeous locations and the fans are left in awe of the pictures because of her.


The fact that she was spending quality time with her niece, Jashae and sister has made the people very happy. Toya Wright’s Fans Love That She’s Spending A Lot Of Time With Her Sister And Niece


According to the comments made by a fan who said that her niece is quite beautiful and has got genes of Nita as they are able to produce some beautiful kids. According to another fan, who said that the niece is very beautiful and she also cares for her.


Another fan was gushing over the niece of Toya and asked that the girl who is sitting in the middle is very pretty and took to social media and asked who is she.


The question was quickly answered by one fan who went on to write that it is Josh’s daughter and the brother has passed away. His daughter now stays with them.


According to one follower, who said the niece of Toya resembles her twin and also very cute.


If you do not know for a fact, Toya’s late brother is Jashae and the daughter is called Josh.


This year, back in May, an important event is celebrated by her that is very close to her. Some pics were shared by Toya which are from her niece’s graduation and she also said that she would be attending high school.


Apart from this, a great life is lead by Toya and the fans are really happy all these years. the reason for the happiness of the fans is because she has agreed finally to get married to Robert Rushing.


Toya was asked by fans to accept the proposal for marriage for all these years and it has been finally accepted by her.



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