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A Few Words Are Said By Justine Skye In A Debate On Twitter About The Most Pretty Woman




The presence of Justin Skye was not here for the latest debate on Twitter about the prettiest woman who is out there. An opinion was shared by her through channels in social media on this matter and an intense debate is sparked off by her.

The message can be checked below.

It has been tweeted by Justine that there should be an end to the ongoing argument about the fact that who is prettier. She also exclaimed in their design, everyone is beautiful and there is no point in fighting with each other over such an issue. She also said that the idea should be taken out of the head that only one of them could be pretty and she discouraged others to think so small. Justine Skye Has A Few Words On A Twitter Debate.

According to a fan, who commented that and urged to tell it to all the women who are beautiful and are opting for surgery so that they can fix their body. Another fan wrote that she is completely right and people want to go for comparison for some reason.

According to another person who said that it is never going to stop, unfortunately. The comparison among women is glorified by society.

It has been posted by someone else that we need to uplift one another in the coming year. the fan also asked for a like. According to another fan who stated that this is the only reason that some people face issues regarding loving themselves. Because it is the nature of some people who loves the comparison.

Two months ago, the spotlight was on Justine when she went on to say that it was expected by her to receive the backlash for Kendall Jenner as in a photoshoot an ‘afro’ was sported by her.

It may be very well recalled that in an interview given to ET, it was said by Justin that from a part of the Vogue shoot some of the pictures were shown by Kendall to her and it was back then the model was warned by her that it would be a problem for clicking such photos.

In October, it has been said by Justine that the shoot has been done by her long ago and she was shown the photo by her. She also thought that people will object to it and attack her. She also said the people could attack her because of this.



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