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Death Come True, An FMV Game Is Soon To Be Released By Danganronpa Creator Kazutaka Kodaka




Kazutaka Kodaka is working on a new mystery project. According to the latest reports, Danganronpa creator Kazutaka kodaka announces the new FMV game Death Come True.

Details are slim at the moment and presently the website has released only six characters with their faces hidden. As of now only a threatening and suspicious-looking character wearing a black cloak has been revealed which resembles the Grim Reaper.

The announcement has been done in a very interesting way in which a countdown timer was present on the website where the name of the main character would be revealed. With the end of the timer today the name of the protagonist has been announced which is Kanata Hongo.

Hongo has been popular for appearing in the live-action adaptations of Attack on Titan, Kingdom, and Inuyashiki.

However, it is still unknown as to whether or not the additional five characters will be unveiled in the same manner.

As seen on the official website, the game will be directed by Kazutaka Kodaka who is in charge of the scenarios. CEO of Izanagi games, Shinsuke Umeda is the producer of the game and Shinsuke Kamata is serving as the Creative Director. The game will be published by Izanagi Games which is currently not listed under the Games section of the website.

In recent times there are not many games that use FMV as this is a genre of games that use pre-recorded video to tell the story. Players get to choose a path and the various clips will load to disclose the story.

The initial artwork of the game pokes whether it is a movie or a game. To which it can be said that Death Come True is a very interactive movie in which players have to make the right decisions to get their desired endings.

Players who have previously tried their hands on Kodaka’s previous series Danganronpa now know that taking the right decisions is not an easy task.

Along with few others, Kodaka left Spike Chunsoft after working on the Danganronpa series to find Too Kyo Games. The studio had then announced about four different projects but it is still unsure if Death Come True was a part of them nor is a new fifth title to be released.

As it was previously announced the Death March Club is a platformer in which a group of students is trying to escape a dangerous game.

With no additional information like the release date or on which platform the game will be released, it can be well expected that the game won’t launch until the next year.


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