G&M Orient Welcomes Natural Beauty Company Botanical Path With Exclusive Distribution Deal




It is our pleasure to report that GM Orient has signed a deal with Botanical Path, known for their natural skin and wellbeing all in one beauty drinks, for exclusive distribution rights to their botanically-based products.

This long-term distribution agreement grants GM Orient ownership of the distribution rights to Botanical Paths’ products, allowing them to supply all Australian markets, such as retailers and pharmacies. It also gives GM Orient the rights to distribution in the daigou market in and the Greater China region comprising of China’s mainland, Taiwan, Honk Kong and Macau.

The team at G&M Orient are delighted to partner with Botanical Path and are excited to see the results of this deal, which allows people all over the globe access to their fantastic beauty and wellbeing products.

Botanical Path’s all-in-one beauty drinks meet the growing demand from consumers for health and beauty products that are made from natural, collagen and botanically-based ingredients, to avoid side effects and reactions to their synthetic counterparts. G&M knows that there is a gap in the market for effective products that meet these consumer expectations and want to assist Botanical Path in getting their inner health and beauty products into the hands of those searching for these alternatives. This exclusive distribution deal will allow G&M Orient to get Botanical Path’s innovative products into stores around the world.

Director of G&M Orient, Eric Liu, promises that the G&M team will carry on searching for other companies like Botanical Path, who offer natural products that promote total wellbeing for hair, skin and body from the inside out. GM Orient will also carry on with their expansion into other world markets, to increase distribution for their clients.

Be sure to watch our website and social media feeds for future exciting announcements about our partnerships and signings. If you want to know more about this press release or have questions about GM Orient or Botanical Path, please get in touch. Our team is more than happy to answer your questions and provide more information.


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