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EA Needs More Help From The Community To Construct The New ‘The Sims 4 Stuff Pack’



EA and Maxis have recently asked the users to add their voice and pick which The Sims 4 Stuff Pack they are expecting to catch up with next. A survey poll, SurveyMonkey was conducted so that the users can feed in their input.

The first poll named as Create a Stuff Pack came to an end with EA revealing the results on their official website.

Stuff Packs are the DLC’s which do not store as much content as the expansion packs. They generally come in themes and The Sims 4 has many of them for different kinds of items.

The Sims 4 Community Stuff Pack Survey results are in but EA needs more input. EA came out with the news that a huge number of Simmers participated in the first vote and the results were reportedly posted on the official website which included:


1) Arts & Crafts

2) Happy Haunts

3) Self-Care

4) Science & Technology

5) Fun-Tech

And, the gameplay which was most wanted for the winning theme was:

1) Knitting

2) Sculpting

3) Glass Fabrication

4) Edible Art

5) Embroidering

It has come into the knowledge that the next Community Stuff Pack will include arts and crafts and that the EA needs more help from the community, and has also declared the second round of surveys.

The gamers are asked to select one of the three potential art style concepts in the Second vote which include Cozy Craft Workshop, DIY Delight, and Granny Chic. To let the users get some added information, EA has provided a link tagged with a simple concept for each option to help them out since the titles run short on data.

The Cozy Craft Workshop has a cupboard that is capable of holding a large amount of yarn, a new recliner, and also plus loungewear for the entire family.

The DIY Delight is a brighter concept which includes images straight from a Pinterest board. They comprise of large crafting spaces, pegboard to organize the crafts and also an artistic word art.

The Granny Chic is more of a self-explanatory type. Here, the concept art shows a room which one might find in a typical grandmother’s living room and is decorated with a floral pattern recliner, baskets of yarn, and few unfinished projects added to which is a door wreath.

The knitters may be impressed with the results but some still wonder about the future of these options that did not win. It’s highly expected that RX and Maxis might use them for the future Stuff Packs or it might also get included in the future Expansion Packs.

EA has still not announced the closing date for the votes and the survey can stop at any moment.

Therefore the gamers who want to uphold their voice must take some action immediately. Also, no login or sign up is required to vote for the second survey.

The Sims 4 is now available for PC through Origin, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for all the gamers.


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