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Pregnancy Rumors Sparked By Ciara’s New Picture- Fans Willing To Know About Her 3rd Baby With Russell Wilson



Ciara’s recent picture on Instagram has amazed the fans as they were wondering whether the diva is on her way to becoming a mother for their 3rd children.

The musical diva can be seen dressed up in warm clothes and standing in the snow in the latest photograph as there were speculations among the followers that she might be blessed with a baby third time on the trot as the number three appeared on the ‘Melanin’ singers shirt.

There was instant excitement among the numerous fans of Ciara as the snap came out as some of them rushed in to express their happiness and congratulated her as the happy news was flashed as the thought of the fans was such that she is expecting a child. Ciara Sparks Pregnancy Rumors With New Picture — Fans Are Eager For The Diva And Russell Wilson To Have Baby Number 3.

Meanwhile, others took the snap as an affectionate sign that is shown by her husband who is none other than Russell Wilson who is a regular member of Seattle Seahawks and has been playing as a quarterback with 3 as his player number.

Along with it a photo was shared by the singer on 12th January after the loss of her spouse’s team to Green Bay Packers as the post can be taken as a consolation attempt as the couple has got a reputation of being affectionate which makes them famous in the social media and these emotions are shared for each other.

She has written that her warrior has made her proud as always and he is back on track as usual as out of the 8 Seasons 7 Post Seasons have been made along with 7 Pro Bowls and this year he has been all Pro which does not include all the other amazing stats of his. He belongs to a different breed altogether. He has also scored a 10 on 10 with his affection towards her and of course the babies. She also stated that it is a pleasure for her to witness the greatness that he possesses and it is not confined to on-field activities but happens off-field also. She thinks that it is just a beginning. She has also expressed her excitement for the things in store and came out with an expression of love.

The praise was responded by Wilson where he said that his life has changed for the better because of her. His gratefulness will always be there for her along with the loving and amazing sweet kids they have. He also expressed joy in spending such a wonderful life with her.

Both Wilson and Ciara started dating way back in the year 2015 and they got married the next year. After their wedding, a beautiful daughter was welcomed by the couple in April 2017 and the name of the newly born baby is Sienna Princess Wilson.

For Ciara, Sienna is her second child and also shares a baby boy with the rapper Future whose name is Future Zahir Wilburn.

A couple of years ago the two talented music stars started dating and a conscious decision was taken by both of them at some point in time so that they can take a leap in their relationship and move forward to the next level, as the engagement has been announced but they broke up eventually as reportedly the rapper was being unfaithful.

As of now, he has been dating Lori Harvey, who is a social media sensation.



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