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E3 Is Looking Forward To Upcoming E3 2020 Giving Cold Shoulder On Coronavirus Concerns



The whole world is ill at ease with the pandemic of Coronavirus or the novel COVID-19 to such an extent that major countries have shut down airports, restricted business in many levels, seized traveling especially to Asian countries to stop the virus to enter in foreign lands. There are reports of corona spread more than a few in the United States. But for the sake of games’ love, E3 Rumored To Be Looking Forward To Upcoming E3 2020 Despite Mounting Coronavirus Concerns.

So far, many gaming events have been called off due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus. The LPL got postponed and now it is not happening any sooner than the pandemic gets under control. For the raising concerns for COVID-19, the Game Developers Conference 2020 organizers declared that they chose to start the event after Blizzard until summer comes. Many other companies have made the same decision and pulled their names out of the event.

But this horrendous sight might not freak everyone in the business. Patrick Klepek, the senior reporter of Waypoint took to twitter to discuss the different approaches different companies had taken as a consequence of corona outbreak.  He mentioned last week on twitter that E3 is not going to bail out so easily from the world’s biggest gaming scenario.

Patrick Klepek keeps all his attention in the current situation as their priority is staying healthy and the safety of all the exhibitors and participants. He presently told that the team is getting arranged in full-fledge manner with E3 2020 planning. The sales are going up and everyone seems very excited to see it around in June 2020.

Though the planning is hanging by a thread as there is a vast amount of time in between now and june and the while development can go upside down if the pandemic is not suppressed. COVID-19 has spread more than they have expected. E3 will be hosted in Los Angeles, California, the same states where 2 health workers were affected by Cornona virus.

Many followers are showing their concerns when Patrick Klepek took it to twitter with his quoting. Some fans felt little awkward towards the untoward concerns of the team for the virus and world health instead, he stated the sales were getting high as if they prioritized profit over health.

Many gaming developers pull themselves out from this league to avoid the gaming conference in the time of such a health crisis. It is quite possible if the virus outbreak sustains in America, the majority of the participants will withdraw.


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