Risen Realms lights up the gamers with the news of taking Supernatural Story to Steam Early Access


Image Credits – Steam

Gaming publisher and developer Risen Realms has made an announcement for their next game Supernatural Story, telling the world that it will soon be Coming To Steam Early Access. This will be the second game for the developer to work with Early Access. This company has earlier developed Typing of the Undead that is found on the wishlist on Steam Early Access.

The outset of the game is very unique with a backdrop of a sunny morning from 1980. Steam has provided a synopsis of the story introducing Detective John Palinsk who has just woken up in his house and he looks forward to enjoying his day off but suddenly he receives a call look into a disturbing scene in the next town. Forty years later, his granddaughter Eliza returns to the abandoned house and she finds a letter addressed to her from her grandfather in an old rusted metal mailbox who disappeared in 1980.

It a single-player game that has horror effects and puzzle elements. The game is very challenging as it is built on two different periods simultaneously. The player will play from both the perspective of Detective John Palinski and Eliza, to unravel the mystery and search her missing grandfather.

The game is still in the crib as Risen Realms is using the Early Access to connect to game lovers and find out if the story is strong enough to go on. Any improvisation or suggestion will be accepted by the developer. The game will take the final shape after all the improvements and modifications that are asked for with a complete single-player storyline.

Though the release date is not near, one can wishlist it before getting hands on it on Early Access. The team is planning to send out a trailer for the new game. Early Access shared that Risen Realms would build the game in Q3 2021.


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