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Kansas City DJ Producer Felix Pariah Increases the Hit of the Dance Floor with his Club Banging Sounds


Felix Pariah

EDM’s exciting bubble continues to float high in the industry with phenomenal artists like Felix Pariah bringing their artistic action to the forefront. The amount of fascinating curves and style which the Kansas City DJ Producer brings with his music is extremely commendable. The music created by the producer staggers hard and is no short of a thrilling dance floor hit. The overwhelming and eccentric nature of all his creations makes the artist a proud music maker who has gifted the industry with several smashing anthems. The DJ makes sure that all his audience gets to immerse themselves completely in his sound pieces and groove relentlessly to the exotic productions.

Some of his flabbergasting tracks till date areLunch Break’, ‘404 Not Found’, ‘Someone To Call My Lover’, and ‘Tia Tamera’ that makes it impossible for the listener to let go of his tracks from the loop. The tracks brim to the bursting point with sparkling beats and churning instrumentals that program s everything in the right manner. There are multiple layers of heavy dance set up rhythms included in the song that sounds increasingly catchy and reaches out to attract more and more fans. The inescapable nature of the tracks gives an uplifting and groove-filled experience to the audience. Fresh beats, fresh tune play, and outstanding energy are what can be found immensely in Felix Pariah’s records.

Coming from Kansas City, the solo DJ, and producer takes inspiration from a wide variety of sounds to create his banging tunes and his favorites are hip-hop, and electronic music based on which he creates his mash-ups. For anyone looking forward to stepping up and hit the dance floor must catch up with the thrilling mixes on Soundcloud. Also, the songs are available on YouTube for full listen.


To visit his Soundcloud profile, go through the below link:



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