Team Solo Mid’s Reginald is ready with an explanation against the recent Team Solo Mid Criticism


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Last night was quite a night to be talked about for the League of Legends community as things got little out of hands when TSM president LeenaXu accidentally leaked that “no one wants to pick up Dardoch” in the background of Doublelift’sLivestream. This accidental confession soon caught fire making it an unforgettable night for many people. Soon after this mishap took place, Team Solo Mid’s Reginald Comes Forward With Clarification.

The whole accidental leak made a few complications but the TSM founder and CEO Andy “Reginald” Dinh released a statement after the recent criticism. Accepting the team’s fault in the first place in the statement TSM founder has taken control over most of the controversial content and then he does not take much time to explain the situation under which the whole thing occurred. He does not hesitate to answer the critics of the company with a reasonable explanation for the hotchpotch.

TSM founder and CEO Andy has posted a link to his long official explanation on Twitter with a caption ‘My Thoughts on Recent TSM Criticism’. Reginald made an official apology for the mismanagement of the TSM team and the way they continued to communicate around Dardoch’s transfer. It was proof of sheer carelessness and the CEO was extremely disappointed with such unprofessionalism in the team and for the lack of sincerity for treating players like this. He announced he had a word with Dardoch to fix the whole burn and he made sure to make him feel good about the post resilience after the uncontrolled situation.

Reginald is hoping for the plane to land on its feet like usual. He has continued to express his concern in the explanation. He has always tried to set a unique example for the esports organizations and maintained a welcoming environment for the players and on how they should be equally treated. He wants to build an institute that maintains the balance between the hefty marketing in the business with a healthy atmosphere and fair opportunity for all the players. He is now looking forward to revamping the damages by making necessary changes to make this accident happen for the first and last time in the upcoming years. He accepts the severity of the mistake done by the team that failed to reach his expectations.

The young CEO of 28 years also openly talked about many spheres including the relationship between Doublelift and Xu. He has announced that he has already signed the superstar being fully aware of the rumors that he was in a relationship with the team’s president. He has a very simple reason for making a decision and that is clearly because Doublelift was the best candidate for the position.

He admitted that clearly the daily tasks of Leena are mostly TSM’s expansion into various game titles. He went on saying that Leena did not have the power of command over their LCS roster, players, or salaries. She basically keeps her hands on important business operations and content with the League. It is the General Manager Parth Naidu and Reginald who take decisions about the roster and budgets of the organization.

Lastly, he even mentioned that the new position of Dardoch was not a secret for anyone in the organization. All the TSM players and stuff are new about the changed rank. It was in fact, came from Parth, the coaching staff, and the players who gave him the idea and helped him with making such big change.

If you think that Reginald’s long explanation was a phony attempt to suppress the criticism of the team then you are wrong. He mentioned how irritated he was with the League community. He was shocked to see the biased opinion for a female member in esports because of one mistake. Though he still regrets the mistake that created so many controversies it cannot remove the efforts and hard work she has put in the team so far.

Well, this long apology and acceptance do not solve the problem of severe criticism for the TSM but it has shed light on some important information. Keep your eyes glued on the news for more updates.


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