Overwatch reveals two new skins- Dragoon Mercy and Aztec Themed Zenyatta, at the special anniversary event


Image Credits – YouTube

All the enthusiasts in the gaming world have fixed their eyes on the biggest event of 2020 and that is the Overwatch anniversary event. It is one of the most happening time when gamers patiently waiting for several things to be revealed. Many skins got out in Overwatch, some are leaked some like Blizzard that officially published the Little Red Ashe skin a few moments ago. If that was not enough, Overwatch Anniversary Event Has Two More Legendary Skins Revealed – Dragoon Mercy and Aztec Themed Zenyatta.

The event occurred on May 19 with lots of revelation in the show, the fans are still digging up for more information that is leaked from unreliable sources and holds several leaked names, and certain surprise cosmetics. One of the most hyped leaks was the leaked information of the Dragoon Mercy skin that is now officially out after the anniversary event.

They officially posted about the anniversary and hinted at revealing the new skin of the Dragoon Mercy on the internet a few days before the event happened.

The newly out skin is magnificent in dark green color turning Mercy into a scale adorned dragon. The new color of the skin goes well as the name suggests; likely to be a dragon tamer or rider with green scale texture. But leaving fans in mere surprise, Blizzard might mean something different when they spelled dragon in a fancy way.

With such an approach, it becomes very clear that the two community is following two different styles of revelation as the color scheme gets more obvious in the recent trends following the other legendries. Though it is not quite sure how the fans have adored it the green scheme holds a rare example of workmanship.

The best part is that the Overwatch has even posted Masquerade Reaper on their official Twitter page. The skin was authentically found during one of the comics and after being the most talked skin, it made a secure place in the game. The skin has its unique shade that makes the incorporeal baddie look quite dapper in the crimson red color with a gold mask that blinds the eyes. This striking combination of head-turning red and golden shimmer will surely appeal most to those that have splurged on his golden gun as well. They officially posted its revelation quoting “From the shadows.

Crash the party as Masquerade Reaper (Legendary)! 🎭”

As these two skins were revealed in the big event, another skin came out of its shell after keeping the players waiting that seemed like a lifetime. The new skin is none other than Huitzilopochtli Zenyatta that comes in stunning color and gorgeous legendary design that is similar to the traditional Aztec motifs. Some noteworthy attire of the skin is a magnetic blue feather headdress and a flamboyant color combination of the orange and blue color scheme.

It came as a surprise to the anticipators who were already blown by the two skin releases and the third skin was loved by every single fan who played this title. There are more skins to come out and do not forget about the incoming buffs to the hero, the robot monk in the hope that it will receive the same love from the frenzied supporters of the title Blizzard.

The list of known names of the skins that are not officially out yet are the epics Carbon Fiber Sigma, Fleur de LisWidowmaker, and Masked Man Mccree. As there has been a discussion about the quality of these skins, it is better to assume that their color combination will satisfy the expectations of the expanding fanbase.


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