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The Settlers 2020 Release Date Has Been Postponed Again




When speaking of city-builder strategy games, The Settlers has always been of the most impactful one whose first installment was released back in 1993 and at that time received much love and acknowledgment for its innovative designs that were considered pretty much groundbreaking.

It is the work of Blue Byte due to whom this franchise has gradually built up and has gained several loyal fans over the years. The next installment which was supposedly and originally scheduled to release in 2019 got subsequently pushed back to 2020 and now all of it has been put on pause together.

The Settlers’ Release Date Has Been Halted, As Reported By Ubisoft.

This news is more like a punch on the gut for all the fans of this real-time strategy series. The developer was responsible enough to not keep the fans waiting for a response to the delay and according to Blue Byte, they are trying every possible thing to make the next installment as good as it can be.

And, to make that happen they necessarily have to postpone the launch until and unless the game is polished perfectly. This particular thing has happened to a lot of major developers in recent times, whether it is because of the COVID-19 pandemic or the anti-racism protests that have been going on throughout the country.

This is not the best of news that the fans would like to hear but at least Blue Byte is honest enough in stating their explanation. However, there is also some positive take away from this latest setback. At least now the developers can shape The Settlers the exact way they wish to during its launch. This means that now the players can expect fewer bugs, more in-depth systems, and an overall better city building experience.

Before this mishap and the unfortunate delay, The Settlers was building up to be quite the experience. Now the developer is taking a fresh new approach to the game play mechanics and is also introducing a new food system and giving players more and more options.

The upcoming installment is also going to have some visual enhancements and also some emotional storylines. All these changes paint a much better experience for the fans, and even for those who have grown much attached to the older games.

The good part is that despite Blue Byte is taking plenty of liberties to modernize this series they are still planning to keep elements that fans have grown attached to and have loved for over the years. This particular blend of both old and new elements has the required potential to make The Settlers a truly outstanding and definite experience.

The only unfortunate part is that the fans are still unaware of when this will eventually come out but for now, at least the developers are taking all the extra time to make certain improvements where they are specifically needed.

As per reports, the developers are on a plan on listening to the community and thereby incorporating elements that everyone wants to see. This just means that the fans can expect a much better game in the future. So it can be well predicted that 2021 may welcome a more realistic time frame, but for that fans shall have to wait and see.


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