Kacey Musgraves And Ruston Kelly Have Filed For Divorce Just After Two And A Half Years Into The Marriage


Image Credits – Celebrity Insider

Trouble in paradise for singer couple Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly as the reports of them splitting up hit the news. Though there have been rumors going around for quite sometimes, the news has been confirmed by representatives from both sides.

According to TMZ Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly are getting a divorce after 2 and a half years. TMZ reports that though the decision was made after much consideration and discussion, still it was been a ‘painful decision’ for both of them.

The couple confirmed their split up in a statement to The Associated Press. Shocked by the news the fans remember when they got married in October 2017, in Tennessee, after meeting a year before in 2016.

Since November 2019, there have been talks about their potential separation among fans as well as the industry. It became quite obvious when Kacey brought Gigi Hadid to the Country Music Awards as her date, and shortly after she deleted all of her wedding photos on IG as did Ruston.

The current year has witnessed many celebrity relationships collapse apart from Kacey and Ruston, such as Kelly Clarkson, Jay Cutler, Christina Ricci, Dr. Dre, Kristin Cavallari, and many more. Apart from the global pandemic, 2020 is certainly not a fruitful year for celebrity couples.

Before making headline with the news of her divorce with husband Ruston, earlier this year the singing sensation was on top of the news when the devastating tornados hit Tennessee.

When the news of 19 people being killed in the storms was made public, Kacey and many other celebrities extended their help to those who were affected by the catastrophe. Kacey decided to sell many of her outfits to raise money for the victims.

The country singer posted on her social media that she was going to sell a lot of her wardrobe through Stage to Closet to raise funds for the Tennessee tornado victims. Though originally she was to work with the same company for purposes of urban forest preservation, she made big changes in her plan.

Captioning her post on her social media as, ‘heartbroken for East Nashville’, Musgraves chose to reallocate the money to the victims of the storms, when the reports of the tornados hit the news.


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