UNKN?WN Entertainment Music 

UNKN?WN Cracks The Right Formula To Become A Buzzing Name In Hip Hop With His New Song ‘Ring Ring Ring’

At the end of 2020, the hip-hop industry is going to be filled with artists who have carried on a musical discourse to establish its own original sound in the genre. As a sudden glorious emergence, artist UNKN?WN has hit the scene with his marvel voice and attention-grabbing music taste. Through his consistent and embracing musicality, the Atlanta HipHop artist has figured the recipe for climbing to the mainstream success and his skillfully moving ahead with his determined eccentricities. The artist has an unabashedly artistic intention that gets well displayed…

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Yishay Zimrah Entertainment Music 

Gospel Artist Yishay Zimrah’s New Song ‘THE ONLY WAY’ Is A Divine And Soulful Take On Thematic Dynamics

Musical transience and its limitlessness aiming towards soulful closure are being presented in the glorious soundscape of artist Yishay Zimrah. A gospel musician to bring about cultural unity through the verses of musical and thematic being, he is defining the moral and virtues of life and beyond through his interpretations of the Holy Scriptures. He recently came out with the single, ‘THE ONLY WAY’ that musically and thematically bridges the gap between cultural dissociation that is prevalent in the modern set-up of the world. The song is an awakening that brings…

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GenoDa1 Entertainment Music 

Genoda1, A Newly Signed Artist Of Sound Alive Records, Has Recorded A Brilliant Rap Song Titled ‘Percentage’

The rising hip hop artist GenoDa1 is the new face of the popular label called Sound Alive Records. His new single ‘Percentage’ is out now on every platform including SoundCloud. The journey has taken quite a twisted turn from here because he is not an independent soloist anymore but the song has determined enough room for diverse musicality and support from his fans. Its honest-to-goodness lyrics compel the truth-seekers and the people with regular crisis to feel every articulation as he enunciates some blunt words with minor profanities. It will leave the listeners with…

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Automotive Latest 

Exotic Car Rental In Miami By MPH Club

  The most exciting Exotic Car Rental company in Miami keeps adding more and more exotic cars to its inventory every week, Their cars are in mint condition, Some of them have less then a few hundred miles. Rent a V12 Lamborghini Aventador and feel what it’s like to go from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds, Now if you don’t have $400K to spend on a Lamborghini then you can simply rent one for a day at MPH Club. The all new Lamborghini Urus was just added to MPH Club’s fleet,…

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Business Latest 

Apple bags a major win against the EU’s $15 billion tax order

      Apple acquired a dramatic win in the second-highest court of Europe on Wednesday winning against a $15 billion tax order in Ireland. Back in August 2016, the order was commissioned against Apple by Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager receiving much resentment from Silicon Valley. Apple CEO Tim Cook had condemned the decision at that time calling it a ‘total political crap’. US President Donald Trump even mocked Vestager as Europe’s ‘tax lady’ after she imposed many antitrust fines on Google as well. But Brussels has seemingly not lost…

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AURTHOR ANT Entertainment Music 

The Musical Confluence In Upcoming Houston Music Producer Aurthor Ant’s ‘Lets Start Over’ Is Enchanting

The lines of contemporary, urban sounds are being excavated and deconstructed into new horizons by upcoming songwriter and producer Aurthor Ant. His soundscape comprises some of the greatest influences of a varied bag of genres like hip-hop infused with R&B which results in astounding diversities between each of his tracks. His newly released song, ‘Lets Start Over’ is a beautiful lyrical and musical crossover that sets the foundation of a creative transient. Beats and frequencies are modulated as dynamic distinctions and the result is a colossal and limitless scope of musical…

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Entertainment Latest 

Fans Get Upset As Rupaul Deleted All Of His Content On Social Media Platforms

  As per the reports of Page Six, Rupal had deleted his Instagram account as well as his Twitter page without any explanation, and that too without any explanation. And, due to this, RuPaul’s fans are upset after he deletes all of his social media content. Not long before, the 59-year-old had deleted all the content from his social media pages. This was when the fans had started noticing that he slowly started deleting them one by one. At first, the fans had assumed that his account was hacked. Earlier this…

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Business Latest 

Apple Benefits with €13 Billion Irish Tax Bill Overturn

    In recent news, Apple no longer has to pay €13 to Ireland comprising of black taxes after the company won an appeal undertaken at the highest court of the European Union. The case followed a record ruling against Apple in 2016 by the European Union. The General Court declared that the sum has been annulled since investigation shows that Apple was complying with the competition rules. This is a tragic setback for the EU that is currently fighting alleged tax violence. Apple is the largest taxpayer in the…

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Entertainment Music 

The EP ‘Scary Sight’ By East London Upcoming Rapper J Bizz Is A Creative Confluence Of Rap And Grime

The contemporary strains of musical virtues are becoming prominent and conspicuous as more and more artists are putting in their individual interpretations of music in their creative ventures. The cultural morality and significance of rap and grime are being transformed into a lyrical spiral by upcoming artist J Bizz. He recently came out with his Extended Play, ‘Scary Sight’, a compilation of five lyrical tracks that beautifully captures the creative and cultural features of rap, hip-hop, and grime. His lyrical structures contain both profanity and thematic sanctity that makes his art…

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Games Latest 

The Settlers 2020 Release Date Has Been Postponed Again

    When speaking of city-builder strategy games, The Settlers has always been of the most impactful one whose first installment was released back in 1993 and at that time received much love and acknowledgment for its innovative designs that were considered pretty much groundbreaking. It is the work of Blue Byte due to whom this franchise has gradually built up and has gained several loyal fans over the years. The next installment which was supposedly and originally scheduled to release in 2019 got subsequently pushed back to 2020 and…

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