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Fans Get Upset As Rupaul Deleted All Of His Content On Social Media Platforms



As per the reports of Page Six, Rupal had deleted his Instagram account as well as his Twitter page without any explanation, and that too without any explanation. And, due to this, RuPaul’s fans are upset after he deletes all of his social media contentNot long before, the 59-year-old had deleted all the content from his social media pages. This was when the fans had started noticing that he slowly started deleting them one by one.

At first, the fans had assumed that his account was hacked. Earlier this week, a Twitter user wrote that someone had hacked his social media accounts and deleted all his old content.

It was interesting to see as other fans had also started noticing the Drag Race alum,Kameron Michaels had also deleted much of his content on the Instagram account. All of this came at the same point in time, during the Thursday’s debut of Canada’s Drag Race, which had marked the fourth rendition of the reality series.

The Rupaul’s show made headlines this year due to some other reasons. Jeff Goldblum, who had appeared in Jurassic Park as well as the sci-fi movie, Independence Day, also made the headlines as a contestant of Drag Race.

During Jeff’s appearance, he asked a question about the Islamic tenets, and whether or not it had created a culture of hating gay people and the general LGBTQ community.

His questions were asked during a runway walk in which Dauris Rose was wearing a blue hijab with silver stars on it and a red and white caftan. The Iranian-Canadian, Cox, had remarked that a person could get American citizenship even if he were a Muslim or from the Middle-East.

As stated by Cox, it was important for her to portray the minority section of the United States. At this point in the conversation, Goldblum queried about the Islamic societies being intolerant to LGBTQ communities after stating he was just ‘thinking out loud’.

It turns out that social media users weren’t quite happy about the comments made by him. They pointed out that anti-LGBTQ rhetoric persisted in many societies throughout the world, even predominantly Christian nations.

It is still not clear whether or not Goldblum’s comments had contributed to the social media cleansing of RuPaul. But, as per the sources, these two incidents aren’t connected.


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