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Genoda1, A Newly Signed Artist Of Sound Alive Records, Has Recorded A Brilliant Rap Song Titled ‘Percentage’



The rising hip hop artist GenoDa1 is the new face of the popular label called Sound Alive Records. His new single Percentage’ is out now on every platform including SoundCloud. The journey has taken quite a twisted turn from here because he is not an independent soloist anymore but the song has determined enough room for diverse musicality and support from his fans. Its honest-to-goodness lyrics compel the truth-seekers and the people with regular crisis to feel every articulation as he enunciates some blunt words with minor profanities. It will leave the listeners with a heavy heart and inflated confidence.

His main focus is to leave a permanent impression in the music industry with his subtle and positive vibes with old-school breakbeats, and unapologetic compositions that uncover cruelty and unjust treatment in the society. His true satisfaction is to see people connecting to his mainstream sound and getting inspired to live it up. ‘In My City’ ft. Witt the Rapper is the newest song release from the U.S hip hop artist that paints the mind of the audience with stories, memories, and experiences he made in his city. It is equipped with easy-going, free wordplay and vice-like, ball-dropping bass that makes the song energetic and haunted a bit. ‘20/20’ ft. Zeus is the best composition he has made to date. Its likable hook and classic sound of the siren brings back the last decade’s nostalgia of hip hop music.

Florida hip hop artist GenoDa1 spearheads the progressive sound of urban hip hop music that knows no type or bars. His music flows freely through the words and rhythms he creates all by himself to entertain the long queue of fans at the best night clubs. There are many videos available where his exciting performances are shot at Churchill’s Pub, Miami. ‘Percentage’ is a solo rap song that presents the solemn reality around him and the daily hustles he wins that the sophisticated people have no idea of. Get all the new songs f him on his official website, Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook.


Just go for this track ‘Percentage’ on Soundcloud:



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