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Gospel Artist Yishay Zimrah’s New Song ‘THE ONLY WAY’ Is A Divine And Soulful Take On Thematic Dynamics


Yishay Zimrah

Musical transience and its limitlessness aiming towards soulful closure are being presented in the glorious soundscape of artist Yishay Zimrah. A gospel musician to bring about cultural unity through the verses of musical and thematic being, he is defining the moral and virtues of life and beyond through his interpretations of the Holy Scriptures. He recently came out with the single, ‘THE ONLY WAY’ that musically and thematically bridges the gap between cultural dissociation that is prevalent in the modern set-up of the world. The song is an awakening that brings audiences to the fulfilling vacuum of respite and resilience that further help them to build their limitless horizons of harmony and peace unanimously. The artist’s vocal resonance is bright and brimming and brings that lyrical outspokenness of the song to a full circle.

THE ONLY WAYBased out of Las Vegas, his musical journey is juxtaposed with the elemental virtues of truth and integrity. He likes to call his independent genre Truth that hails the creative brackets between gospel and contemporary hip-hop styles. His music is observant and just and brings to the table both inspiration and information through the lyrical constructs. ‘THE ONLY WAY’ is his tribute to communities looking for identity in this sea of social and cultural diversification. His lyrics follow the learnings of the Bible that enable men to choose the right path towards salvation.

Some of Yishay Zimrah’s musical works include ‘DRY BONES’, ‘Destiny’, ‘JEZEBEL’, and ‘Blood Screaming From The Ground’ among many others that beautifully transcribes the ways of life as foretold by the holy text. He is, however, grounded in his proximities as he allows his audience to savor the thematic bells of his music as per their own pace. Interpreting music that brings about subdued reality and more, his creative canvas is only going to expand from now on. For more, follow him on Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, and Reverbnation.


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