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‘Exotic World’ by The Portsmouth Independent Rap Artist FlameGod is An Exquisite Musical Extravaganza


Exotic World

Produced by EMRLD, the latest EP ‘Exotic World’ has brought back the classic vibes of hip hop and rap with each of its constituents. The stage gets set with the track ‘Pootie Tang’ and from there on, there is no going back for the musical magnificence of this track. This track grows with each passing bar and goes on to keep the audience captivated throughout. Then the intensity rises with ‘Drip Forever’ and ‘On Fleek’. The performance of the Portsmouth independent rap artist has helped in magnifying the effect of the entire premise of the EP. And, then the ingredients of the musicality get brighter with the following track ‘Glow’. This track has made the collection reach the zenith of creativity through the performance of FlameGod.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Amplified Audio, the EP Exotic World’ reaches the climax with the progress of the track ‘Shine’. This is where the musicality has engaged the most audience and kept them hooked. The blissful musical ambiance around the track has intensified the arrangement and enthralled more and more audience. With the stunning bars of ‘Champion’, the EP acts as the climax of the entire presentation that has made the audience fall in love with the artistic skills of the creator.


The track ‘Rydin’ is the ultimate outburst of creative brilliance which is as reflective as it can get. The production is also incredibly supreme here, helping in the complete portrayal of the numerous ingredients of the genre and then comes the end of the blissful journey with ‘Exotic World’. The instrumentation and sound design have also played great roles in keeping the audience engaged. The soundscape of all the tracks is hypnotic and worth spending time within. FlameGod has blessed the musical timeline with the arrangement of this 8-piece musical collection. Follow him on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Instagram.


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